Recipe Friday: The Watermelon Agua Fresca from Macayo’s

Marilyn HawkesJune 28, 2019
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Now that the dog days of summer are here, we’ve rustled up a frosty drink recipe from Macayo’s that you can make at home: Watermelon Agua Fresca.

This seasonal recipe is easy to prepare as long as you have a blender. It’s important that you puree the watermelon until smooth and be sure to strain out the extra pulp before serving. You can drink as is or top off with your favorite vodka to make a refreshing adult beverage.

Through September, Macayo’s will offer watermelon, cucumber mint, strawberry limeade and horchata agua frescas plain ($3.99) or paired with alcohol ($8.99). Pick up recipe cards at the restaurant or online at Cheers! 

Watermelon Agua Fresca


2 cups seedless watermelon, diced

3 oz. lime juice

¾ cup sugar

5 cups cold water


Place all ingredients in blender and puree until smooth. Strain liquid into glasses over ice and discard pulp.

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