Taco of Tomorow

Craig OuthierJune 20, 2019
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This is the place in the magazine where I customarily pluck something out of a given month’s issue – usually something from the cover story – and try to wax eloquent about it. As a way of whetting your appettite for the content inside, you see.

But what’s the point, in this case? Your July issue of PHOENIX is devoted to tacos. We ate a bunch. They were frequently delicious, and we took some pretty pictures. We hope you try them. Salud.

Photo by Carrie Evans

I guess if there was one, overarching theme to this issue – sorry! I can’t help myself – it’s the idea and practice of progress. To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, writer Keridwen Cornelius plumbs the surprisingly deep history of space research and development in Arizona, from lunar rover test drives in Flagstaff to mini-satellite missions conceived and executed at Arizona State University (Space State). The photos are captivating, the reporting is wonderful, and the piece functions as a lovely paean to progress the way Americans best understand it – in daring missions and miraculous leaps of technology.

Other notions of progress thread in and out of this issue, from Arizona’s latest sustained population boom and its possible political consequences after the U.S. census next year (The Census is Coming) to Douglas C. Towne’s fascinating look back at Isabella Greenway, who served as Arizona’s lone congressional representative – and first woman to hold that office – in the 1930s.

Local craft beer, a Q&A with Phoenix Mercury guard Briann January, a peek into the locker of colorful D-backs reliever Archie Bradley, managing editor Leah LeMoine’s marvelous, maker-themed tour of Portland – you’ll find this and other mood-lifting, summer-themed delights as we crawl into the Valley’s hottest time of the year.

And with that: This is the place in my monthly editor’s note where I try to tie it all back to my original point. Tacos. We’ve made so much progress. Have at them.


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