What’s in Your… Fertility Treatment Office? with Dr. H. Randall Craig

Irene Franco RubioMarch 31, 2019
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Photography by Angelina Aragon

Tempe fertility specialist Dr. H. Randall Craig – a multiple Top Docs honoree – uses his sleuthing skills to solve the mystery of reproduction that bedevils many Valley couples. “I do an analysis, put the puzzle pieces together and determine the solution to the problem so couples can have the results they’ve been waiting for,” Craig says. His professional passion flourished into an impressive art collection in his office, where he displays fertility-themed pieces. “Collecting ancient fertility artifacts and antiques is a hobby,” Craig says. Many are mementos from patients. Receiving heartfelt tokens of appreciation for the “gift of life” gives him purpose, he says. Craig shares some of his favorite pieces and office ephemera with us.