With the suspension of large events and many of our favorite Valley venues shut down until further notice, it’s time to get creative when it comes to things to do. Here are five things to see, do, eat and drink over the weekend and next week. 1. Get a jumpstart on your Halloween staycation. It’s almost spooky season! Great Wolf Lodge is celebrating early this fall with a scary good deal this Monday, September 14. The...

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Happy February! As we celebrate your state's 106th birthday, we're asking ourselves, "February 14 is Arizona's statehood day! Which dish embodies Arizona for you?"


Americans have a knack for “happy accidents,” especially when it comes to junk and novelty foods. While Europeans try to build a better beet salad, many Yanks yearn for all manner of deviant dishes. Hot dog-hamburgers. Taco pizza. Deep-fried Twinkies. Triple-stacked and double-wrapped everything with two sides of ranch dressing. And all of that on purpose. But accidents happen, too, and sometimes, delightful dishes like the five below result, proving that it pays off to drop things on occasion.

#1. The chimichanga: Arizona’s own contribution to the world of glorious culinary mishaps, this deep-fried burrito has disputed origins. One source says the chimichanga was born at El Charro restaurant in Tucson in 1922 when the owner accidentally dropped a pastry in the deep fryer, but the founder of the Macayo’s chain claims he came up with it in 1946 after experimenting. Whatever the case, the taste of this happy accident lasts almost as long as the invention debate.