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Timothy Chapman paints wild, imaginative renderings of animals. He favors zebras that fly or giraffes with leathercraft designs rather than spot patterns. Lately, he’s been into birds (ravens and magpies, in particular), painting them like illustrations in an abstract biology textbook. He adds mountains he grew up near, like Camelback Mountain, on the canvas. The second-generation Arizonan, a Scottsdale-based artist who works out of the Cattletrack Arts Compound, calls his work “invented natural history.” Chapman’s...

#1: Dinerwood Level 4: 2016 Welcome Diner Film Fest at Welcome Diner, September 14

Spontaneous cinematic magic – and messes -- can happen when you give groups of Phoenicians a line of dialogue, a prop, and a requirement to make a three-minute film (including titles and credits) in 48 hours. Such is Welcome Diner’s recipe for its Dinerfest film challenge – plus beer and fried food, of course. Now on its fourth fling, the festival is so popular people fill bleachers on the diner’s lawn in summer to see who will win the year’s Best Film Award and cash prize. Sponsored by Downtown Phoenix, Inc. and Pabst Blue Ribbon. $1 PBR tall cans all night. 6 p.m. September 14 at Welcome Diner.


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