3 New Spots in Bisbee to Visit This Winter

Madeline NguyenNovember 22, 2023
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Photo courtesy Bisbee Hatchet House
Photo courtesy Bisbee Hatchet House

Bisbee was born as a gritty mining town, back when the Arizona desert seemed straight out of a Western. But today, it’s a picturesque artists’ enclave, with Victorian architectural gems tucked into the same mountains that miners pickaxed less than 50 years ago. Venture south to get lost in a storybook town full of history – and copper.

Taqueria Outlaw
Entering this new Mexican eatery in the center of Old Bisbee feels like stepping into an upscale saloon from a Western shootout scene. But no crimes are committed here – and certainly not lackluster tacos. Innovative spins on Mexican classics dot its menu, like a decadent Asian fusion taco named Belly of the Beast. @taqueriaoutlaw

B Active Bisbee
Longtime locals Bonnie and Steve Ball were already acting as unofficial tour guides to lost visitors well before they opened this tour operator. Now, their tours take visitors to insider destinations, like Southern Arizona’s wine country and Bisbee’s allegedly haunted hotels. bactivebisbee.com

Bisbee Hatchet House
Sarah Foley and Kenny Naico’s origin story may be strange – they bonded over chucking hatchets in Bisbee’s backyards and alleyways. But that was what inspired them to open this axe-throwing venue, where other daredevils can safely partake in the eccentric pastime, too. bisbeehatchethouse.com