Podcast: 2023 Arizona Beer Week Roundtable Discussion at PHX Beer Co.

Matthew JohnsonFebruary 22, 2023
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On this week’s PHOENIX Magazine podcast: it’s Arizona Beer Week 2023!

This episode features co-host Johann Warnholtz behind the mic at the brewers breakfast roundtable at PHX Beer Co.’s Scottsdale restaurant location last Sunday, the morning after Arizona Strong Beer Festival. There’s also some big news about two upcoming beer festivals, one in less than 40 days and another at the beginning of summer, so stay tuned!

Johann’s guests at the table include Brian McKean, co-owner of Old Ellsworth in Queen Creek; Drew Ortega, head brewer at Uncle Bears in Gilbert; and Popeye, the production and operations manager at PHX Beer Co.

Arizona Craft Brewer’s Guild director Rob Fullmer and deputy director Andrew Bauman also appear.

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