Collections Dept.: The Evolution of Phoenix Suns Uniforms

Editorial StaffNovember 3, 2022
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Tracking the evolution of sports fashion and technology is an amusing endeavor. From super-short shorts and high-top Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars to swishy, knee-skimming shorts and performance insoles tucked into aerodynamic Nikes, it’s been a wild ride in Phoenix Suns duds over the years. Throughout the team’s 55-year existence, though, one thing has remained consistent: that familiar purple and orange palette, so evocative of Arizona’s painterly sunsets. Watching any Sun stride the court in these fiery fashions, from Dick Van Arsdale to Chris Paul, is poetry in motion.
First home uniform: sunbursts on shorts
Logo gets a wild west font update
Groovy candy striper warmups
25th season brings new arena and fire-streaking logo
orange uniforms debut as alternates
white home uniforms introduced
New “city edition” jerseys move the pixelated sunset gradient of previous designs to the numbers, necklines and arm lines