SanTan Gardens Begins Fall Events Lineup with Beer, Bourbon, BBQ & a Band

Matthew JohnsonSeptember 21, 2022
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Fall is in the air and SanTan Gardens is ready to take full advantage of it.


Alejandro Fontes, sales manager for SanTan Brewing & Distilling, showed us around the recently rebranded SanTan Gardens facility in Chandler — where the local brewing giant does all its beer brewing and whiskey distilling.

The personal tour comes days before the Beer, Bourbon, Barbecue and a Band event on Saturday, September 24 from 4pm to 10pm at SanTan Gardens. Check out the video and podcast for more details and visit for tickets and information on upcoming events.

Jandro also fills us in on the new fall seasonal beer release coming in the next few weeks called Lumberjack, a maple oatmeal amber.

Fontes also tells the rare story behind the beer named Sky Harbor and why they had to change the previous name of that beer.