Liquid Arizona: Dos Cabezas WineWorks’ Prínciprana

Craig OuthierSeptember 1, 2022
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Arizona winemaker Todd Bostock wants to put bubbles in your blanc.

Arizona wine fans know all about Dos Cabezas WineWorks’ Carbonated Pink, that cultishly hoarded canned bubbly from Southern Arizona winemaker Todd Bostock. Newer on the scene is Bostock’s Prínciprana, a brut sparkling wine that debuted last November and quickly sold out its first run. Unlike the CO2-infused Pink, Prínciprana is made using the time-intensive méthode champenoise, or traditional method of putting carbonation in wine. It’s believed to be the first such sparkling wine in Arizona, but Bostock’s lush, rose-tinted sipper is more than a novelty – last year, impressed Forbes critics put it on their list of the world’s top New Year’s Eve bubbles. We talked to Bostock about his latest version, 2° Prínciprana – and, yes, there is a méthode to his madness.

Made from roughly equal parts Garnacha, Riesling and Tempranillo, 2° Principrana is a “non-vintage” wine – meaning the constituent grapes are picked and fermented in different years. Future editions “will get some new varieties added to the mix, starting with a little Chenin Blanc for 4°,” Bostock says.

Dos Cabezas Principrana. Photo by Angelina Aragon
Dos Cabezas Principrana. Photo by Angelina Aragon

After blending the various, fully fermented wines, Bostock bottles the composite Prínciprana with additional yeast and sugar to initiate a second fermentation and carbonate the wine. Amazingly, the bottles will then age for “34 to 36 months,” Bostock says.

At the very end of the aging process, Bostock will “riddle” the wines – i.e. gradually rotate them over several weeks so the sediment, or “cap,” from the yeast rises to the neck of the bottle. He then disgorges the cap by freezing the neck and scooping it out.

The bottle is then corked, carbonation intact. Voilà, bubbly. For 2° Prínciprana, Bostock is going bigger: “We’ll release about 100 cases in November, [so] it should be available around Phoenix and Tucson as well as our tasting room in Sonoita.”

Dos Cabezas 2° PrÍnciprana
$50/750 ml