Prescott Hiking Club Welcomes All Who Are Interested in Hiking to Stay Healthy

Mare CzinarJuly 22, 2022
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“We save Medicare a lot of money,” says one long-time member of Prescott Hiking Club.

While the mile-high city club has its share of senior citizens, the 200-plus-member group of outdoor enthusiasts welcomes all who are interested in hiking to stay healthy.

The club was established in 1989 as an informal social group and formally organized in 1997. Members pay a $5 annual fee which goes toward web page services, member incentives and
promotional items.

Long-time club member Ken Paris cites camaraderie and safety as key club benefits. “Being exposed to more trails than most people would encounter on their own and developing friendships,” Paris says about what members say they appreciate most. “Also, learning about hiking techniques and seeing and trying out equipment from other members.”

The club also mixes things up with trail repair and social events. “We participate in the Yavapai Trails Association maintenance days,” says member Lisa Thaler. “Our social committee team organizes picnics, a Souper Bowl party, hot chocolate and cookies day, and a Christmas party.”

Group hikes typically occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. “In Prescott, we hike Smith Ravine, Spruce Mountain, Spence Basin, Thumb Butte and Lynx Lake frequently,” Thaler says. “We also hike in the Black Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Campouts are scheduled about three times a year, and backpacking trips are arranged periodically.”

In the spirit of advocating for quality time outdoors, the club’s “no politics or religion” policy puts the kibosh on potentially buzz-killing trail talk.

“Every time someone yells out, ‘No politics or religion!’ the conversation ends with no fuss,” Paris says.

Prescott Hiking Club


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