Liquid Arizona: Roxx Vodka & Baja Girl Blond

Craig OuthierJuly 7, 2022
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Made in Poland, bottled in Arizona, Roxx Vodka wants to put a little locality in your lemon drop.

With a freeze imposed on Russian vodka imports due to the war in Ukraine, it pays for consumers to develop alternate personal supply chains. Accordingly, we present Roxx Vodka, a slickly packaged spirit based here in the Valley. Launched in 2015 by Valley publisher and entrepreneur Angela Nielsen, Roxx is distilled in the ancestral vodka hot spot of Poland and then shipped here for bottling and marketing. Polish provenance aside, its Arizona-ness runs deep.

Though Roxx is made overseas, Nielsen and her partners had creative input, working with the distillers to build the spirit’s “mash bill,” or grain recipe. Their picks: a wheat-dominant bill (for crispness) with rye (for faint pepper) and barley (for smoothness), plus another hybrid grain.

One ingredient they didn’t use: potato, a Polish favorite that yields a rich, starchy (and sometimes oily) vodka. Ultimately, Roxx is distilled six times, slightly more than average, removing impurities.

With her background in design, Nielsen created a sleek, classy logo. But, almost fatally, the logo drew the legal ire of petroleum giant ExxonMobil, over its double-X design. A trademark dispute shelved Roxx for four full years until Nielsen relaunched in 2019.

Marketed as an “ultra-premium” vodka, Roxx is crisp, with grace notes of citrus and dried fruit. In an altruistic gesture to its origins, $1 from every bottle sold will be donated to Polish charities supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Photo by Angelina Aragon
Photo by Angelina Aragon


Roxx Vodka
Available at Steak 44, Pa’La and other fine Valley restaurants.

Photo courtesy Arcadia Premium
Photo courtesy Arcadia Premium

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