Best of the Valley Services in 2022

Editorial StaffJuly 5, 2022
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Best Mobile Pet Grooming

Sudz Up Mobile Grooming

Pet grooming house calls in a souped-up mini RV? This is what happens when a pandemic comes to town, and you’ve got a lot of down time to think about things. Specifically, it’s what happened to Madisyn and Scott Morris, the enterprising daughter-and-father duo whose sole mission is to clip, trim and wash your canine and feline lovelies with minimal hassle for you. Perfect for car-averse pets. 480-640-5559,

Most Efficient Post Office

Karen’s Hallmark

At the back of this (unfortunately named, thanks to “Karen” memes) store – beyond the holiday ornaments, tea towels with motivational phrases and a collection of World’s Greatest Dad mugs – you’ll find the best post office in town. Here, USPS operations run like SWAT. The line moves fast, packages are weighed at the speed of light and the staff knows the answer to every question. 10639 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, 602-996-1610,

Best Birthday Present for Your Grandpa

Gift of a Lifetime

Every life is movie-worthy. That is the intriguing premise behind this bio-pic film service founded by former 3TV sportscaster Tim Ring. Along with his pals on the editing and production side of the camera, Ring will narrate and produce a network-quality documentary about your loved one that captures the full sweep of their life and times. Later, watch it at home with the family. Hey, beats Matlock.

Nicest Pest-Prevention Crew


It may seem counterintuitive that people who “eliminate” living things as a profession could also be the kindest humans on the planet. And yet that’s the case with this family-owned pest prevention company. While the Watts team are absolute experts at ridding your home of creepy critters, they are also polite, respectful, responsive and thoughtful in every customer interaction. Maybe that accounts for their near-perfect Yelp review score? 602-759-6884,

Best Snapshots

Silver and Cedar

Cell phones are great and all, but they completely take the romance (not to mention the effort) out of photography. In addition to their yesteryear-ish inventory of leather goods, Millennial owners Matt Stella and Katie Zamjahn of Silver and Cedar do photos the old-fashioned way, with a tintype procedure that results in gorgeous one-of-a-kind portraits that harken to an earlier era in all the best ways. 10637 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix, 602-617-2220,

Photo courtesy Silver and Cedar
Photo courtesy Silver and Cedar

Best Dog Groomer Name

Grace Bones

The only thing better than this business’ punny name is its mascot, a cocoa-colored dog with all the hallmarks of its celebrity namesake: angular hi-top hairdo, ’80s power blazer, dramatic makeup and – dare we say? – androgynous sensuality. In addition to having a rad sense of humor, groomer David Patterson also does a fab job glamming up pups. 1136 E. Griswold Rd., Phoenix, 602-301-1263,

Best Way to Plan an Adventure


Founded by Valley travel enthusiast Lacy Cain as a way to combat her anxiety and depression, Wildjoy is a local adventure planning company that offers opportunities to get out and explore our state. Cain supplies hand-drawn guides packed with insider tips; an app with themed itineraries; and host-led events, experiences and trips. It’s a travel agency for a new generation.