First Dish: Light Heart Coffee

Sydnee WilsonJune 21, 2022
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Photo by Sydnee Wilson

Light Heart Coffee is a unique and beautifully designed coffee shop that recently opened in Scottsdale. It offers a variety of coffee and non-coffee drinks including lattes, cappuccinos, espresso tonics, jasmine lemonade and much more. In addition to great coffee, it has a welcoming and positive atmosphere.

When I first walked into Light Heart Coffee, I was greeted by bright colors, wavy patterns and disco balls. Usually when I walk into a coffee shop, I go right to the counter, order and sit down. I don’t normally pay too much attention to the design or decorations. Light Heart Coffee had me captivated the moment I stepped through the door. The pink and brown hues and bohemian design evoke an aesthetic I’d like to call “desert retro.” The relaxing atmosphere and overall design of the space inspired a lot of creativity in me, and I immediately wanted to redecorate my entire house.

Co-owners and husband and wife Moriah and Caleb Holland actually took some of the design inspiration from their own home. Caleb says a lot of the decorations came from their Scottsdale apartment. While they were inspired to create a bright and happy space, the concept of Light Heart Coffee was also influenced by its location. The coffee shop is the newest addition to Light Heart Studios, a lash studio that also mentors other beauty businesses. Light Heart Coffee features a similar color scheme and shares the same calm and relaxing vibe as Light Heart Studios. While the business concepts are different, the coffee shop enhances the space and sets it apart from other beauty studios in the Valley.

Moriah and Caleb’s friends, Madison and Elliott Morris, opened Light Heart Studios earlier this year and wanted to put a coffee shop in front of it. “They thought the business model would go really well together,” Moriah says. “And me and my husband’s dream was always to open up a coffee shop.”

Now to focus on the coffee, I got a dark chocolate coconut latte and it was absolutely delicious. It wasn’t on the menu, but various syrups like vanilla, caramel, rose, lavender, macadamia nut and coconut are available for customers to customize their drinks. The barista was really sweet and the staff is definitely willing to work with you to make a drink you’ll enjoy. Signature drinks include the Closed on Sundae, La Vie en Rose, Flower Child and Sweetie Pea. The most popular signature drink is called the Desert Honey. It’s a cardamom latte with honey and macadamia nut. If you’re not the biggest coffee drinker, you can choose from hot tea, jasmine lemonade, matcha, chai and more.

There are a few fresh pastries available daily. I tried the brownie, which was extremely rich and definitely one of the best brownies I’ve had. Vegan energy bars and French tarts made by Lari Bakery, a French patisserie in Phoenix, round out the food menu.

Not only can you grab a coffee and a pastry and get your lashes done in this suite, but you can also purchase various items from small businesses. Light Heart carries candles, earrings, cups, and T-shirts, tote bags and coffee cups featuring the Light Heart logo.

There’s a nice working space and quite a bit of seating so I’ll definitely be going back to experience more good vibes and try another delicious coffee.

6969 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, 480-269-6279,