Worlds Collide! St. Paddy’s Day Falls on Thirsty Thursday

Matthew JohnsonMarch 17, 2022
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If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about beer: the last one, the next one and the current one (when I’m off the clock). Beer drinkers’ worlds collide this week when St. Patrick’s Day falls on the thirstiest day of the week, Thursday. Now, while March 17 is pretty much amateur hour for drinkers, I can still get excited for the day because of these new beer releases coming out this week across the Valley. Please drink responsibly and don’t contribute to amateur hour. Cheers!

West Coast Style IPA at Tombstone Brewing Co.

Clear and bitter is a beautiful combination. It’s also a welcome change of pace from the brewery that does so many unfiltered or hazy style IPAs the rest of the year. Let the hopheads rejoice! Pairs well with west coast bias or a spicy taco. Try the West Coast Style Triple IPA for hoppier enjoyment.

Irish Stout and Irish Red Ale at State 48 Brewery

As luck would have it, State 48 is releasing two new beers for St. Patrick’s Day. Sip on an Irish Stout or the Irish Red Ale at any of the six Valley locations – but please don’t make the beer green.

It’s All Gravy IPA from Wren House Brewing

No, you’re not getting that thick brown stuff that goes on your turkey and potatoes on Thanksgiving. You’re getting a new small batch IPA bursting with tropical flavors. The Gravy name comes from the cat who wanders the grounds of the Phoenix brewery. Pairs well with a few petting rubs under the chin.

O’Malley’s Irish Red and an Irish Stout at Simple Machine Brewing

While the Red Ale was released earlier in the week, the barrel-aged version of last year’s Irish stout hits the tap line for all the festivities on Thursday. Feel free to bring in your own corned beef and cabbage.

Pit Stop Lager at Dark Sky Brewing Co.

Shout out to Guido, one of my favorite Cars movie characters and the fastest tire changer the world has ever seen. The only English words he knew were “Pit Stop!” I’d find it nearly impossible to not imitate that line when ordering this new Dark Sky beer, which pays respect to the old gas station and car service pit stop location in Flagstaff that will soon become DSB’s new beer garden. Pairs well with nostalgia and an Italian accent.