Gilbert-Based Tipsy Moon Events Brings the Bar to You

Madison RutherfordNovember 12, 2021
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Luna Kemp | Photo courtesy The Publicity Collective 


In 2019, Luna Kemp was working as the beverage director for a local catering company. When the company suddenly closed, she decided to “take a leap of faith.”

“I thought, ‘Why not try doing this on my own?’” Kemp recalls.

That’s when Kemp launched Tipsy Moon, a Gilbert-based mobile bartending service that provides everything from custom cocktails to a Champagne bar to classic beer and wine service, plus friendly bartenders and all the supplies.

“We handle everything, from setting up the bars to icing down all the beverages that need to be kept cold,” Kemp says. “Then the party starts and when it’s over, it’s like we were never even there.”

The company’s moniker is an ode to Kemp’s first name, which means “moon.” She is also fascinated by all things lunar and celestial. “I wanted to personalize it to sort of encompass me and what I’m about,” she says. “It’s really a direct reflection of me as a person.”

Tipsy Moon setup | Photo courtesy The Publicity Collective 


It’s appropriate for a business that is very personalized. Kemp says each event she caters is different, from weddings to birthday parties and everything in between. She even set up shop at a divorce party recently. Kemp customizes cocktails depending on the season and celebration. Her favorite concoction is her Winter Old Fashioned, in which she incorporates a honey syrup infused with mulling spices. “I’ve made a lot of different cocktails, but I really love that one,” she says.

She starts with a Zoom consultation with each client to ensure they share the same vision for the event. “We can do anything from what is called a ‘soft bar,’ which is where they just need the services. They are providing everything else themselves and they really just need a bartender. We go all the way to a cocktail bar where we bring all the things to make standard cocktails. If you choose any of our custom cocktails, we bring the ingredients to make those as well,” she explains. “When we do the full bar experience, we bring it all – all the soft drinks, all the mixers. With our website, you can pick and choose any of those types of bars and you can customize your experience exactly the way that you want it.”

Having a strong internet presence and posting high-quality photos is important to Kemp. “We like to show people that we are present and engaged with them regularly,” she says. “I think that this gives the consumers a really good idea of what we’re about, the services we offer and even a little look into our personality.”

Winter Old Fashioned | Photo courtesy The Publicity Collective 


That personality shines through beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook and allows potential clients to envision their own event. Kemp says it’s gratifying playing a part in people’s special celebrations.

“My favorite thing about what we do is the graciousness of the people who are inviting us into their homes or their lives with their friends and family to share a special occasion,” she says. “I’m always so blown away at what a privilege and honor it is that they’re choosing us because it really is a personal event each time.”

Tipsy Moon has experienced exponential growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Kemp says this is due to several different factors. “People started finding new ways to hang out together but not go out,” she says. The popularity of parties at home and at Airbnbs increased. Referrals and repeat customers who appreciate Tipsy Moon’s convenience and customer service also grew the business.

“You don’t realize until you hire somebody to help you with your event how much it takes off your plate. You don’t have to worry about cocktails, you don’t have to worry about when your guests are going to get their next drinks or plates are going to be cleared,” Kemp says. “It’s such a personal experience for people. To get to be a part of it is the best thing.”

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