Sound Artist Media Petros Podcasts Epic Audio Story “That And How It All Happened”

Niki D'AndreaJune 2, 2021
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If your Mondays need a little neo-surrealism, local artist Pete Petrisko (aka Media Petros) has a bizarre and colorful tale to tell you, in the form of a three-hour “sound art and storytelling audio drama podcast” broken up into six weekly 30-minute chapters.

The series podcast, titled “That And How It All Happened,” is a multi-layered story inspired by pulp science fiction and the experimental radio series Columbia Workshop, which broadcast from 1936 to 1943. The tale is told against a soundscape mix of public domain audio material, spoken word and music. Listeners will hear, among other things, excerpts from audio readings of instructional texts, and short stories by classic sci-fi and fantasy writers like H.G. Wells, Edwin Abbott Abbott and R.A. Lafferty.

It’s hard to tell what, exactly, the plot of this all might be, especially after reading this synopsis of “That And How It All Happened”: “The Swimmer swims shoreward. Traveler X travels quite unexpectedly. In the city, the wall of the time cracks. Meanwhile, across an aerial ocean flowing all around the globe, a lively trembling of the sonorous object meets the inconceivable speed of light.”

Guess folks will have to tune in and get far out to see how or if everything is connected. “That And How It All Happened” starts Monday, June 7, with a new chapter released every Monday through July 12 at

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