North America’s First Landscape Hotel Opening in Sedona

Zachary SpieckerApril 20, 2021
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“There was so much beauty,” Jennifer May says of the land in Sedona where she and her sister, Colleen TeBrake, are building Ambiente. The siblings own Two Sister Bosses, a luxury hotel development and management company creating what they call North America’s first “landscape resort,” a property meant to seamlessly blend with its surroundings instead of disrupting them. They wanted to “build around [the land] and enhance it,” May says. Each room will feature floor-to-ceiling windows, which she says will create an “IMAX theater experience of the Sedona area.” Renowned chef Lisa Dahl (Mariposa, Dahl & DiLuca) will lead the hotel’s culinary offering, Alchemy. The restaurant is built into an Airstream and will be stationed poolside in the middle of the property. Dahl’s goal is to bring a creative and healthy menu to Alchemy, which will feature just 12 dishes, many made with ingredients from the Verde Valley. Ambiente is set to open this fall.

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