Cupping Season! Tips & Tricks for Tasting Exotic Coffee at Blue House Coffee

Matthew JohnsonMarch 9, 2021
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Spencer Simmons can be described as a schlurping sherpa.

However, instead of trekking through the Himalayas, Simmons reaches the peak of caffeine mountain as the Chief Roaster at Blue House Coffee in Downtown Phoenix.

He recently guided PHOENIX Associate Editor Madison Rutherford on her journey through the proper techniques for cupping. (loud slurping sound included!) Watch our video to see what the experience is like. The coffees sampled in the video include Bali Blue Moon, an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a Kenyan Baragwi Peaberry.

Quality of coffee, the grind size, the type of water (filtered) and the temperature are all on the table when drinking the java this way.

Spencer’s tip

Get comfortable, let loose and slurp loudly and just have fun with it! Expand your palate like you would with food, spirits and wine.

Interested in learning more about cupping?

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