Artistically Gifted: 10 Local Artists to Support This Holiday Season

Mirelle InglefieldNovember 12, 2020
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Clockwise from top left: Hot AF sticker by Jon Arvizu/High Jinks Apparel; The Choice is Up to You by Suzanne Falk; Punch (A Haiku in Steel) by Joshua Woodhall; North Rim of the Grand Canyon by Art Holeman; Excerpts of Feeling Everything by Eric Cox; Sonic Sculpture by Joe Willie Smith; Twilight by Yuko Yabuki; Archival prints of “Nowadays I Wear My Smile Like a Mask” by Antoinette Cauley; 2/3 from Awakening series by Ashley Macias; Age of Ages by Daniel Martin Diaz


Find one-of-a-kind statement pieces and fresh, budget-friendly delights by Arizona artists to give your favorites this holiday season in this art gift round up.


Fall Hoodie, left and Saguaro Snowflake ornament by Jon Arvizu/High Jinks Apparel

Jon Arvizu/High Jinks Apparel
Years in practice: 
Mediums: Screenprint, letterpress, apparel, accessories and home goods
How would you describe your style? Arizona illustrator and printmaker
Peruse available works online at:,, and
Brick-and-mortar retailers: Frances (Uptown Phoenix), LGO (Arcadia), Leela (Scottsdale), Blue Planet (Chandler)
Price Range: $3- $250.

‘Life’s A Tripp,’ left and ‘Money Made Me Do It,’ right, acrylic on canvas

Antoinette Cauley
Years in practice: 10+
Mediums: Primarily acrylic paint
What inspires you? “What inspires me most is connection with people and music. I love to tell stories in my work and fuse my love of music in a special way within each piece.”
Peruse available works at: and
Price range: $150 – $15,000

“I’ve sold my soul for art, and now you can own a piece of my soul!” Eric Cox declares to advertise his limited-time special – a mystery piece of art deal for $50.

Eric Cox
Years in practice: 20+ years
Mediums: “Every material you can imagine ranging from oil paint on canvas to pieces of burnt tape.”
How would you describe your style? “I do my best to avoid labels and to keep my style as free and open as the mood takes me.”
Peruse available works at: and
Price range: $50+

Cover and pages of ‘Catastrophe of Free Will’ by Daniel Martin Diaz

Daniel Martin Diaz
Years in Practice: 30
Mediums: Pen and ink
How would you describe your style? “A Neo-Ancient vertigo of flaws.”
Peruse available works at:
Price range: 1¢-$1,000,000

‘She Died with Love in Her Heart,’ 18” x 24”, oil by Suzanne Falk

Suzanne “Meow Meow” Falk
Years in practice: 25
Mediums: Oil, watercolor, ink, digital
How would you describe your style? “I have two very distinct styles. Contemporary Realism and illustrative miniatures.”
Peruse available works at: and
Price range: $90-$10,000
Contact: Via social media or

‘Mt. Hayden,’ photograph by Art Holeman

Art Holeman
Years in practice: 40+
Mediums: Photography, digital, fine art photography, paper, canvas, metal, acrylic and wall cover installations
How would you describe your style? “Black and white images, feelings of vastness, representational photojournalistic photography with bold, emotional, emphatic views and simple compositions. The viewer is drawn into complete presence with the image.”
Peruse available works at:, or
Price range: $150-$3500
Contact: Artstudio 1.0.1,

‘Divine Lore,’ left and 3/3 from Awakening series, right, by Ashley Macias

Ashley Macias
Years in practice: 10
Mediums: Acrylic, spray paint, inks and posca paint markers
Tell me about your subject matter: “My work changes fluidly through various experiences from geographic influences, personal experiences and appreciation for things found in nature. A lot of my work surrounds questions within our cosmic universe often pulling influences from psychedelia, living animals, abstract imagery, sexuality, death, cosmic dreams and organic shapes. My shop holds a range of abstract and organic surreal works. These pieces lately have been more focused around structure and vivid colors that evoke nature and people and the instrumentals of our existence.”
Price range: $30-$60
Peruse available works at: and

‘Sonic Sculpture’ made from a motorcycle gas tank, a garden spade and other repurposed parts by Joe Willie Smith

Joe Willie Smith
Years in practice: 50+
Mediums: Multimedia
What inspires you? “I’m inspired by the wealth of life that I experience and find expression through my art.”
Peruse available works at: Contact the artist
Price range: $2,500-$8,500

‘A Kettle of Vultures,’ left, and Room for Rabbits, right, by Joshua Woodhall

Joshua Woodhall
Years in practice: 20+
Mediums: Watercolor, oil, metal
What inspires you? “I prefer to make my art easily obtainable, so as not to pursue riches, but rather make waves. I find the process most important because this is where my ideas arise mostly. In sculpture this effect is greater, being so laborious.”
Peruse available works at: and or in person at Sky Bar in Tucson during the month of December or in-studio by appointment
Price range: $20-$500
Contact: Via social media or

‘Cat’ archival prints, left, and 2020 Holiday package, right, by Yuko Yabuki

Yuko Yabuki
Years in practice: 30
Mediums: Acrylic and mixed media
How would you describe your style? “Colorful and eclectic. Edgy modern meets classic fantasy.”
Peruse available works at: or or book a studio appointment at
Price range: $20-$1,000

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