Round 2 Results in the Great 48 Sports Moments Bracket

Matthew JohnsonJune 11, 2020
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We’ve reached the Sweet 16 round in our Great 48 Arizona Sports Moments bracket with few of the top seeds remaining. Here are some of the key takeaways from the previous round of voting.

Top Seeds Get Knocked Off
Devin Booker’s 70 point game still has some learning to do and the veteran Steve Nash proved that. Nash winning NBA MVP knocked off our #5 seed in the tournament, the biggest seed to fall so far.
Elsewhere across the bracket, Chris Jacke’s field goal could not live up to the hype as the 12th overall seed in the round of 48, getting ousted by Archie Bradley’s wild card game triple. ASU’s win over Nebraska was narrowly defeated as the 7th overall seed. Same fate for 10th overall seed Randy Johnson’s 20-K game. And in our final upset, #16 seed Jael Mary got a comfy first round bye, but could not stand up to Gar Heard’s ‘Shot Heard Round the World” in round 2.

The voting continues throughout the week. Round 3 runs Thursday June 11th at noon until Saturday June 13th at noon before the Elite 8 begins. Vote early!



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