Giving Tree Cafe Offers Free Shots of Detox Drink

Niki D'AndreaMay 30, 2020
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Depending on your sensitivity, it can burn like downing a shot of hot lava and you might feel it tingling in your esophagus for several minutes. But the bright orange Dragon Detox shot at Giving Tree Café ultimately brings more gain than pain, according to owner David Warr. The potent spicy herbal elixir was concocted to provide a quick kick in the proverbial pants for the human immune system – especially important during a pandemic.

Warr’s been giving complimentary Dragon Detox shots to every person that walks through his doors since the beginning of March. “Many health professionals are now speaking out that the most important thing we can all be doing right now is taking vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and eating a healthy diet in order to make sure that if we are infected with any virus, our own body’s natural immune response will keep us healthy and safe,” Warr says.

Apple cider vinegar provides the liquid base for the boosting beverage, with an incendiary rush from fresh onion, garlic, turmeric and ginger. Jalapeños, oregano, thyme, sage, mustard seeds, black peppercorn, salt and rosemary round out the recipe.

To offset the drink’s harshness, Warr mixes it with a base of organic cold-pressed juice, like Giving Tree’s “Third Eye” (carrot, apple and ginger) or “Solar Flare” (orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger, turmeric). In addition to Dragon Detox, Giving Tree offers three other “Activator Shots” with purported health benefits and hip names, like Warrior Mindset and Shaman Healer.

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