2020 Top Doctor: Jeffrey Nebelsieck, M.D.

Editorial StaffMarch 19, 2020
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Photography by Steve Craft
Photography by Steve Craft

Internal Medicine

Med School/Year Graduated: Hahnemann University Hospital, 1998

Years in Practice: 18

You’re the team physician for the Arizona Cardinals. Is there anything you do differently when treating professional athletes versus when you’re treating the average patient?

I have had the pleasure of working with the Cardinals for years, and now more recently with the Phoenix Suns. Professional athletes generally have the same medical needs that all of us do. The difference is that depending on the time of the year, the urgency to evaluate and treat is often heightened.

Your field encompasses such a broad range of maladies and health concerns. Do you consider yourself a primary care doctor? Do your patients use you that way?

Absolutely. My office time is a blend of yearly physicals, urgent visits, preoperative checks, etc.

What are the most common issues you treat?

Like most internists, I treat patients with chronic medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes. On a daily basis, I see a fair share of colds, sinus infections and musculoskeletal injuries. One nice element of internal medicine practice is that every day is different and you never quite know what concerns your next patient will bring.

You’re from Washington state and you went to medical school in Philadelphia. Are you a West Coast or East Coast guy?

Definitely a West Coast guy. While I enjoy travels around the country, I can’t imagine a better place to live and work than Phoenix.

Are there any new modalities or innovations you’re excited about in your field?

The advances in genetic testing are very exciting with regard to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

You’re a soccer enthusiast. Watching, playing or both?

I started playing at a young age and was able to play four years in college. I’ve enjoyed playing in various men’s leagues in Arizona, but now I mostly just kick the ball around with my two boys.

You say your wife, Ashley, is your favorite author. What type of books does she write?

She recently completed an Arizona-themed children’s book with our boys. In the past, she has written books involving self-help, Eastern religion and Shamanism.

What are you watching on Netflix these days?

I really enjoyed Ozark [with Jason Bateman].

“If I wasn’t a doctor, I’d be…”

Perhaps a detective or an FBI agent. I have an interest in true crime novels.


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