Here’s What to Expect at Arizona’s First Hand Roll Bar

Helena WegnerDecember 23, 2019
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The Valley’s first sushi hand roll bar and ramen restaurant will open in northeast Phoenix this January on Camelback and 20th Street.

Wade Foster Hospitability Group (the company behind the Ahipoki restaurants) and California-based Ahi Mahi Group collaborated with award-winning ramen chef Jared Lupin to open Dori Hand Roll Bar and Ramen.

With 10 years of ramen making experience, Lupin says Dori Hand Roll Bar will provide guests with an intimate, street-style roll experience.

“We are trying to hit that local Asian fusion spot… so people can have something different from what they might be used to,” Lupin says.

He says the hand rolls at Dori are like “DIY sushi” because guests create rolls with their choice of ingredients.

Unlike the classic sushi roll style called “maki” – a cylinder roll shape cut into six to eight pieces – Dori will serve “temaki” rolls – a cone-shaped roll left in one piece wrapped with nori (Japanese for edible seaweed), rice and fish.

“It’s that moment where you are eating that crispy nori and you are trying that [first] bite that you get lost in it,” Lupin says.

Expect yellow tail, salmon, ahi tuna, scallops, and eel paired with ingredients like cucumber, sprouts, marinated fish, sashimi, apple, fig and smoked avocado.

Dori will offer more than 10 ramen options including the Goma Love It with smoky shoyu broth, creamy garlic miso, pork chashu, roasted pork, spinach ball, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, scallions, hard-boiled egg and thick, curly noodles. All bowls are made with chicken and pork bone broth, but a sea salt-flavored vegan stock will be available.

Lupin says guests can also order the BYO Ramen and build their own ramen with ingredients of their liking. All BYO bowls include a spinach ball, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, scallions, naruto, nori and noodles.

1928 E. Highland Ave.,

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