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Sara EdwardsOctober 4, 2019
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Falling down a postpartum depression wormhole, Tempe acupuncturist Shannon Gomez needed encouragement to get back on her feet. To lift her spirits, a friend sent her a whimsical unicorn card with a quirky message. It didn’t quite work how the friend intended. “F**k that card,” Gomez remembers saying. “I needed something that was more realistic and connected with what I needed to hear,” she says. In 2017, she created Rebel Deck, a stack of 60 oracle-inspired cards with snarky, to-the-point messages designed to ignite intuition. “The question that drives the deck is ‘What does life want me to know right now?’” Unlike traditional tarot cards typically used by psychics during readings, Rebel Deck can be used by anyone at any time. “You don’t have to be a certain way to get insight.”

1 rebel deck

The Oracle with Attitude

2 rebel deck

Couples Edition

3 rebel deck

The Game

Photo by Angelina Aragon
Photo by Angelina Aragon