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Editorial StaffJuly 29, 2019
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Becoming agile, pain-free, and having a radiant and youthful outlook are all qualities we wish to attain and preserve at any age. In the past, achieving effective results from treatments at an affordable cost was difficult. Whether you desire glowing skin, pain-free joints, luscious hair, or another individualized health care solution, the team at Ethos Integrative Medicine will work with you to understand your goals, ensure your expectations are met, and help get you back to the life you love — all by taking a naturopathic and integrative approach using regenerative medicine.

Dr. Alexandra Mayer and Dr. Matthew Hernandez at Ethos Integrative Medicine
Dr. Alexandra Mayer and Dr. Matthew Hernandez at Ethos Integrative Medicine
Front desk at Ethos Integrative Medicine
Front desk at Ethos Integrative Medicine
Patient room at Ethos Integrative Medicine
Patient room at Ethos Integrative Medicine

Dr. Alexandra Mayer, N.D. and Dr. Matthew Hernandez, N.D. each bring specialized knowledge to their practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mayer takes pride in offering treatments to help combat signs of aging, hair loss, and hormonal imbalance in women. Hernandez’s expertise lies in therapies that provide non-surgical relief from joint pain, assist in the repairing and regenerating of damaged tissue, sports medicine, and hormonal imbalance in men. To learn about what patients can expect during a visit, PHOENIX magazine sat down with Dr. Alexandra Mayer and Dr. Matthew Hernandez.

Q: What Inspired You to Start Your Own Practice?

A: Prior to starting Ethos Integrative Medicine in 2015, we were both practicing medicine at another office in Tempe. We really wanted to create a practice where we could offer the best possible options to treat signs of aging and pain, and utilize our unique areas of specialty in regenerative medicine. Creating a comfortable atmosphere where our patients’ areas of concern are addressed with personalized care solutions is and always will be our top priority. We always ask our patients this question, “What is keeping you from doing what you love?”

Q: What Are Your Most Requested Treatments?

A: We strive to provide our patients with a well-rounded care plan. Joint injections such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and prolotherapy to treat pain are commonly requested at our practice. Each are regenerative medicine joint injections designed to help the body heal by encouraging healthy blood flow to the area, and healing the tissues. Other popular treatments include aesthetic injectables like Botox and Neurotoxin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; PRP injections for skin concerns and hair loss; and hormone and peptide therapy to help boost energy and vitality.

Q: How Do You Set Yourself Apart from Other Clinics in the Valley?

A: We are avid learners. And we always want to get better at what we offer. Currently, we are the only clinic in the Valley to offer a platelet counter that offers patients tailored treatment. This technology works by administering the exact dose of platelets based on research. Platelets are tiny blood cells that incite healing by releasing growth factor to the injected area. For example, for a hair restoration treatment, you would need 1.5 to 3 billion platelets per ml. With this technology, we are able to count platelets and learn the amount of blood we need to draw from a patient to get the ideal concentration we are looking for to aid healing for each specific treatment. With Ethos, there is no guesswork, but rather, we utilize the latest evidence-based methods available in medicine to offer our patients the most effective treatment possible.

Q: Do You Find That There Are Misconceptions About Regenerative Medicine?

A: Yes, and it is probably because the field is relatively new for medicine. A misconception we typically hear about deals with the types of treatments available and which are the most effective. The term stem cell is a buzzword in the industry right now, but for the majority of patients, stem cells are not necessary for treatment. They might be helpful, but not budget-friendly, so they are driving up the cost with limited efficacy in most cases. There is also some confusion on what products actually contain stem cells. If it doesn’t come from the patient directly, through bone marrow or fat, it does not contain stem cells. Most of the time, PRP therapy can treat patients at a much lower price point.

Q: What Does a Patient Visit Look Like? 

A: The best way to contact us is to call the front desk. Our office manager will help assign you to the correct doctor. We want to ensure that not only are we the right fit for patients, but also that patients are the right fit for us. We want them to get the absolute best care when they come to our practice. Upon arrival, we will have patients fill out a health history form and discuss treatment options and expectations. We believe it’s important to listen to our patients and to clearly understand their health goals before customizing a treatment so they can attain those goals. Often times patients come in to have something treated, like shoulder pain or acne. But our practice is more than just treating the symptom. We look at the whole person and help find long-term, sustainable solutions. The result? Our patients live a much happier and healthier life than they ever thought possible.

To schedule a patient visit at Ethos Integrative Medicine, visit or call (480) 360-0115.

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