Dining with the Stars: Where every zodiac sign should enjoy their next meal

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Aries: The Mission
Aries are bold, assertive and don’t have time for anything that isn’t top-notch. Obviously, they’re going to go to The Mission for gourmet tacos and hand-crafted margaritas.
3815 N. Brown Ave., Scottsdale

Taurus: Cibo
If a Taurus is going to change out of their pajamas for any reason, it’s going to be to go get pizza. Considering Cibo is literally a renovated house, it’ll be as if homebody Taurus never even went out in the first place.
603 N. 5th Ave., Phoenix
, cibophoenix.com

Gemini: Delux
Out of all the signs, Geminis will have the hardest time decided where to eat. Luckily, at Delux, Geminis don’t have to choose whether they want burgers or sushi  – they can have the best of both worlds.
3146 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix
602-522-2288, deluxburger.com

Cancer: Churn
Oh sweet, sensitive Cancer! Treat yourself to ice cream for dinner at Churn after yet another emotionally taxing week.
5223 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix
602-279-8024, churnaz.com

Leo: Postino WineCafe
I don’t even need to suggest that Leos go to Postino because they’re probably already there. Trendy and always down to socialize, Leos love bringing their friends together for bruschetta and wine.
Six Valley locations, postinowinecafe.com

Virgo: Jobot Coffee & Bar
Virgos are too cool for the rest of us, so naturally, they feel right at home reading a book about quantum physics at Jobot.
333 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix
602-281-7127, jobotcoffee.com

Libra: Green New American Vegetarian
Always finding the balance in life, Libras will love Green New Vegetarian restaurant. They know the food is good for the planet, but vegan burgers are good for the soul.
Two Valley locations, greenvegetarian.com

Scorpio: Monroe’s Hot Chicken
The world would be so boring without passionate, intense Scorpios. If they were a food, they would definitely be a fried chicken sandwich at Monroe’s hottest spice level.
45 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix
602-872-7100, monroeshotchicken.com 

Sagittarius: Snooze, an A.M. Eatery
Your Sagittarius friend is probably already making Sunday brunch plans so they can tell you about the fourth “craziest” weekend they’ve had in a row.
Five Valley locations, snoozeeatery.com

Capricorn: Lola Coffee
Capricorn is way too busy working to stop for an actual meal. Instead, they just need a large coffee and the Wi-Fi password to feel satisfied.
1001 N. 3rd Avenue, Phoenix
602-252-2265, thelolaaz.com

Aquarius: Clever Koi
Every Aquarius deserves to dine in a place that’s as unique as they are. Clever Koi serves up fun cocktails and innovative entrees so an Aquarius will quickly make this one of their go-to restaurants.
Two Valley locations, thecleverkoi.com

Pisces: Lux Central
It’s time to grab some mac n’ cheese and finish that poetry book. It’s OK to cry in public, Pisces!
4402 N. Central Ave., Phoenix
602-327-1396, luxcoffee.com