Five of the Best Spots to Get Ink in the Valley – Permanent or Perma-tat

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For thousands of years, people have been adorning their bodies to accentuate status, beauty, ritual or just because it’s cool. The sun is high and the duds are slight, so now’s the time to embellish that exposed facade!

1. Divinity Tattoo

Operating since 2002, Divinity Tattoo has become something of a melting pot for versatile tattoo talents hailing near and far. Stocked with an arsenal of varied styles, including ornate Asian vignettes or elegant lettering, you might just be inspired to expand beyond a modest ankle moth to a sprawling back sandpiper.

Divinity Tattoo artist Paolo Acuna’s client’s wife, with a Cleopatra influence. Photo courtesy Divinity Tattoo.

2. The Victorian Art Parlour

Owned and operated by downtown Phoenix artist Mykil Zep, you’ll get a feel of cozy, stately Victorian-era ambiance infused with a vibrantly dominating curation of fine mixed media artwork by Zep himself. Seasoned in the traditional American tattoo aesthetic with over 20 years experience, you’ll maximize your time in the chair with a visually immersive surrounding and head out with a striking souvenir to get “mad as hops” over.

Photo caption: Courtesy Mykil Zep

3. Henna Shoppe

A temporary option to a perma-tat, this mom-n-pop shop has been making their own organic henna using henna leaf powder, eucalyptus oil, water, sugar, in the Valley since 2012. To help ease you into the henna habit, check for monthly free “Henna of the Month” designs. Perfect flair for your favorite off-the-shoulder scoop neck T and young kids, alike.

Photo caption: Courtesy Henna Shoppe

4. Golden Rule Tattoo

A PHOENIX magazine Best of the Valley multi-year-winner, the affable artists at Golden Rule Tattoo have been cheered on for stellar customer service by loyal clients in metro Phoenix since 2009. Donning a vast array of styles from traditional American to stippled black compositions and an attitude of “nothing is too simple or too grand”, one of their skilled artists is sure to help you visualize the perfect statement piece for your figure.

Tattoo by Golden Rule Tattoo artist Jason Anthony. Courtesy Golden Rule Tattoo.

5. Fifth Estate Tattoo

An east valley stand-alone, this downtown Gilbert talent collective teams with personality and talent. Renaissance gurus with side-stakes such as forging knives, making murals and being dads, extend their unique tattoo styles from detailed realism to earthy Polynesian tribal to idyllic koi-bucking nature scenes in Japanese traditional. Check ‘em out on insta! @timo_sanders, @mandorascon @lextattoo @taylor_ryan_tattoos

Tattoo by Fifth Estate Tattoo artist Lex Horvath. Photo by Ed Castillo

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