Royse Contemporary Gallery Exhibits in Color

Jackie DishnerMay 30, 2019
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Color has helped us express ourselves since childhood. From the purple crayon we preferred in pre-school, to the red dress we chose for that first date, or the black Audi we had to have as an adult, color has helped us express how we feel, what we think, how we want you to see us. Color helps us tell our stories. And that’s why local art curator and gallery owner Nicole Royse chose it as the theme of her next show. Just as color helps us communicate with each other, Royse says, “I feel that color helps connect people to art, creating some kind of emotional response within.”

“Moments of Color,” opens Thursday evening on June 13, 2019, as part of the weekly Scottsdale Art Walk, at Royse Contemporary Gallery [], 7077 E. Main St., #6, Scottsdale. It will feature six artists who have created new artworks emphasizing the theme.

“Color narrates the story of the artists’ work,” says Royse, who handpicked local participants for this upcoming exhibition. Included are multimedia artist Cherie Buck-Hutchison [], digital media artist Nigel Clouse [], surrealist Charmagne Coe [], Mexican artist Gennaro Garcia [], ambient painter and collage artist Daniel Shepherd [] and nature artist Onna Voellmer [].

Shepherd, a regular at Royse, who is happiest when his work “just explodes on the canvas,” says he experienced an epiphany for this exhibition. He assures his work in progress is “gonna be colorful. It’ll be a collage, mixed media, acrylic on wood panel.” He also envisions he’ll use flowers and female forms from his magazine cuttings.

Garcia, originally from San Luis, Sonora, Mexico, says he’s working on two to three pieces for the show. “Most of my work is full of color, but I’m working with a different palette of color, and this time it’ll be about Baja California.”