Arizona Nonprofits: Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Marilyn HawkesMay 21, 2019
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Steve Schnall has been with Phoenix Children’s Hospital since the medical center opened in 1983. He’s served in many capacities, including Vice President of Business Development and Outreach and Vice President, Ambulatory Services. In his current role as Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer of Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation, Schnall provides strategic leadership for all aspects of philanthropy for the hospital. He recently shared his thoughts with PHOENIX magazine about his work with the hospital.

Q: Can you tell me about the work of the foundation and why it’s important?

A: Philanthropy is a critical driver and source of funding for many of the strategic initiatives within Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The Foundation has led numerous successful campaigns that supported [the] development of Phoenix Children’s. Most recently, construction of an Emergency and Trauma Center, as well as a new Cancer Center, were projects that were completed and were 100 percent supported by philanthropy. Currently, we are leading a 5-year, $250 million funding initiative that is centered on building a world-class children’s hospital.

Q: What are some of the projects you are currently fundraising for?

A: A couple of current projects are the construction of the Mercy Gilbert Phoenix Children’s Hospital Pavilion in Gilbert and the build-out of the CVICU (cardiovascular intensive care unit), which offers the highest level of critical care to children with cardiac conditions at the main campus.

Q: How will the foundation’s fundraising help shape the future of pediatric medicine?

A: Phoenix Children’s Hospital has experienced remarkable growth over the past 35 years – from entering the scene as a brand-new children’s hospital in 1983, to ranking among the nation’s top pediatric medical centers in 2018. Today, our pursuit of excellence and a culture of innovation are propelling us toward an exciting future. Phoenix Children’s Hospital is investing in recruitment of top physician leaders, discovery, technologies and programs that will solidly position it as a world-class, destination hospital for decades to come.

Q: Can you reflect on how rewarding it is to help children and families in need?

A: More than 35 years since its inception, I still walk through the hospital on a daily basis and I remain inspired beyond measure. When I see the children and their families, I see the worry and concern, the weariness and strength, the smiles, laughter and hope…. I know that I have been called to be at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and serve this incredible mission with passion and determination. I am driven to do more every day for Arizona’s children.

Q: What kind of volunteer opportunities are available for community members?

A: There are myriad volunteer opportunities for our community members. The volunteer opportunities range from in-hospital, community and events, summer volunteer program, animal-assisted therapy and more. The best resource for this information is located at

Q: What would you like people to know about Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation?

A: Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation offers so many ways to get involved and support the work of the Hospital, whether by joining a giving group, attending an event or finding an inspiring hospital program to support. Together we are making Phoenix Children’s Hospital a world-class organization that we know it can be – a hospital driving the cutting-edge of medicine, with the people and resources to give children in need the highest possible level of care. This future is within reach. Let’s get there, together.