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Ethan MillmanMarch 14, 2019
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ONE13 CBD Lotion – $40
Growing more popular with athletes and gym rats along with cancer patients and the elderly, CBD is gaining prominence as a pain reliever. ONE13, a CBD-infused lotion produced in Phoenix, promises pain relief for sore joints and muscles. While derived from the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t produce the same psychoactive effects that THC does, so users won’t get high. No medical card or prescription is needed.

photo courtesy ONE13
photo courtesy ONE13

Books about Autism
These books from Valley authors ruminate on the challenges and joys of raising and living with a child with autism. Their content ranges from Shari L. Cole’s personal stories of raising her daughter, Brittany, to more abstract poetry in Rosemarie Dombrowski’s book inspired by her son, to a mixture of both in Gayle Nobel’s work, which is informed by her life with a brother and son with autism. All books are available for purchase on Amazon.


Just Because I’m Autistic Doesn’t Mean I’m Stupid
by Shari L. Cole & Brittany J. Cole


The Book of Emergencies
by Rosemarie Dombrowski


JSpace of Love: Understanding the Power of Thought and Wisdom in Living with Autism
by Gayle Nobel

photo courtesy Dental Genie
photo courtesy Dental Genie

Dental Genie – Prices vary
Reminiscent of Airbnb in its product design, Dental Genie’s site offers users easy browsing for dental work in the Phoenix area, complete with dentist ratings and rates. The site also offers treatment plan comparisons to let users compare costs of procedures from different dentists.


Knosis Health – Free!
Drawing its initial funding from Arizona State University’s Innovation Leadership Fund, Knosis Health was founded by ASU alum Wilman Vergara as a supplementary app to wearable health trackers such as Fitbit. After pairing a tracker to the app, Knosis allows users to tally their health stats and challenge other Knosis users.

photo courtesy SpotRx
photo courtesy SpotRx

SpotRx Pharmaceutical Kiosks  – Prices vary
SpotRx’s pharmaceutical kiosks are essentially a cross between a pharmacy and a vending machine. With six stations around the Valley, as well as four in Tucson, SpotRx allows users to manage prescriptions, order health products through its app and pick up medications.

photo courtesy the Alkaline Water Company
photo courtesy the Alkaline Water Company

Alkaline88 Hemp-Infused Water – Prices vary
Yes, hemp-infused water is now on the market. A product of Scottsdale-based Alkaline Water Company, these sparkling and flavored waters debut in late March and come in cans and bottles. Flavors include raspberry, grapefruit, coconut, peach-mango and lemon-lime, and the water purportedly boasts healing and energizing vitamins. Like ONE13’s lotions, they do not produce a high and do not require a prescription or medical card for purchase.

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