January 2019

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Recipe Friday: Mora Italian Roasted Chestnut Soup

During the holidays, you often hear the late Nat King Cole crooning the song, “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” But have you ever eaten a chestnut? They have a slightly sweet and earthy taste and make a great base for savory soup.

Friday Flicks: A Christmas ‘Vice’

This darkly comedic look at the life of Vice President Dick Cheney’s opened Christmas Day.

Friday Flicks: A Superhero and a Super Nanny

Two iconic characters from the mid-20th century return to the big screen this weekend.

6 Unique Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss at Mastro’s

Mixing modernity with tradition, Mastro’s Restaurants are on the cutting-edge of what’s hot in the culinary world, but still firmly devoted to the timeless staples of a classic steakhouse. Here are six experiences unique to Mastro’s that’ll have you dreaming about your next date night.

Recipe Friday: Pomo Pizzeria Piadina

This time of year can be a bit hectic, filled with holiday shopping and events galore. And if you’re entertaining at home for the holidays, sometimes you just need an easy recipe to take your stress level down a notch. Today, Stefano Fabbri of Pomo Pizzeria offers an uncomplicated recipe for piadina, “a bread brought from the Roman Empire,” he says. 

Last Minute Gift Guide

Its official – you have one week left until Christmas! If you are freaking out slightly – take a deep breath. 

Ruby Mae Jewelry Takes Grief to Heart

Something is missing from some of the Ruby Mae jewelry by Leah Williams. And that is most certainly by design.

Recipe Friday: Someburros Carne Asada Tacos

About eight years ago, Tim Vasquez, owner of Someburros and Isabel’s Amor, was so moved by an annual family gathering in Guadalupe that he wrote a book about it called “The Taco Stand.” “Just seeing the family gathered around the table and sharing memories around food was the inspiration,” Vasquez says. The main character is based on the family matriarch and Vasquez’s grandmother, Isabel, who passed away 32 years ago. “It’s not necessarily a true story, but Isabel is the main character who loves to cook for other people.”

Arizona Nonprofits: Act One

Geri Wright’s nonprofit fundraising career has spanned more than 25 years and has included stints at the Heard Museum and Arizona Theatre Company. After a mutual friend introduced Wright to the founders of Act One, a nonprofit organization that provides arts experiences to lower-income school children in Maricopa and Pima counties, she came on board in 2015. Now Act One’s CEO and president, Wright is passionate about the organization’s mission and shares why arts education for children is vital.

Recipe Friday: Rejuvena Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track with healthy eating during the hectic days of December. When we’re busy and on the run, we tend to grab unhealthy snacks that may not be in our best interest. (I’m talking to you coffee shop blueberry scone.)

Valley Urgent Cares

A compiled map of Phoenix-area urgent cares

Where to Eat 2019

Ring in the New Year with this mouthwatering maelstrom of hot new restaurants, dining trends, sneak peeks and more!

Café Chenar

Molded by a dizzying array of cultures and traditions, Bukharian cuisine is one of the world’s great unknown treasures – and now you can try it at this new North Phoenix kosher mom-and-pop.

Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine

The venerable Cave Creek steakhouse gets an unconvincing and ill-executed modern-cuisine makeover.

Curiosity Rover

Science communicator Sian Proctor’s adventures have taken her to Mars and Moon simulations, seeking the lessons of space travel, from food sustainability to friendship.

Studio Snapshot: Jennie Johnson

Singer-songwriter uses her life story as inspiration

Soupy Sales

Chill-bitten Valley diners are bowled over by roasted vegetable soup.

The Taos of Winter

Hop in the car and hightail it to New Mexico – a world-class ski town is closer to the Valley than you think.

Artist of the Month: Julie Hooker

Julie Hooker doesn’t need watercolors, oils or acrylics to create amazing artworks

Vegan Desserts

A mother and daughter duo create sweet confections that are totally vegan.

Top 3 Arts Events January 2019

Our top picks for this month’s best arts events

Pav on Juice: Planting a Seed, Vol. 1

Our resident wine columnist is launching his own winery.

Land Zo! – Road Blocks

H-2B visas are becoming more difficult to obtain, but that isn’t stopping construction companies in the Valley.

Head Coach

If you’re serious about the “new year, new me” mentality, you may want to enlist the help of a local life coach.

Say Aloe to Our Little Trend

From prickly pear to saguaro, cactus is cool again.

Boot-Scootin’ Station

KNIX’s 50 years of broadcasting country music as one of the nation’s top stations has been one wild hayride

Electric Love: Guitars at the Musical Instrument Museum

A new installation at the MIM rocks harder than the average exhibit

Identity Crisis

A new federal act, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act, could make it easier to protect Valley kids from identity theft.

52 Hike Challenge

Share your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page

What’s In Your…Fridge?

Chef Cullen Campbell’s refrigerator is engineered for entertaining

Exit Wounds

Phoenix entrepreneur Gordon Newton wrote the book on timeshare exits – literally.

Berry White

Various layers of flavor offer cocktail hounds a new way to sip and savor.

7 Questions: Mark Brnovich

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich answers 7 Questions.

Coworking is the New Black

Booming business means more Valley companies are utilizing coworking spaces to grow in new directions.

Big Mac

A new biography of statesman Ernest “Mac” McFarland.

Smoked Tomatoes and Okra

Welcome Diner serves up a vegetable-centric delight.

Clans of the Kitchen

In this one-of-a-kind pictorial, we’ve traced the genealogy of Arizona’s top chefs, mixologists, brewers and winemakers, reuniting them with the mentors – and the mentors’ mentors – who shaped them. Six “family trees” of culinary inspiration. Six clans of the kitchen.

Food, Flowers and Filth

Experts say vocational programs at Arizona public schools are under-realized at best, exploitative at worst. And they’re letting down students with disabilities.

Brenda Warner

This metal mama has found a field of her own

Grill to Thrill

We live in a bar-and-grill golden era. Sidle up to one of them for a sizzling meal, from Peoria to east Phoenix.


An Arizona lawsuit might change the way Social Security treats same-sex couples.

Sonoran Sojourns

Revel in the cooler weather and opt outside with these desert exploration experts.

New Deals

Thirsting for some happy hour bargains after reading our critic’s picks for the best new restaurants of 2018? Find them at these also-new, food-forward bars.

Reviews, V.2

Enterprising diners sometimes live in a new-or-nothing bubble: Who has time to visit the old standbys with so many new restaurant experiences yet to be tapped?

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