Pedro’s Mexican Closes…and Reopens

Carly SchollOctober 3, 2018
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The reason for this sudden enthusiasm for the west side fixture is that on September 22, the place had abruptly announced its closure on its Facebook page, after more than half a century at 49th Avenue and Glendale.

But while Facebook can taketh away, every now and then Facebook can giveth, too. And it appears to have given Pedro’s a possible new lease on life. After that weekend’s unexpected outpouring of support, not to mention business—similar to the long lines outside Monti’s La Casa Vieja in Tempe in its final weeks, back in 2014—Pedro’s decided that maybe reports of its demise were exaggerated. The run on Pedro’s has even resulted in interest from at least one potential buyer.

Last Monday night there was no line out the door, but there was still a ten-minute wait for a table and a Friday or Saturday night-like energy within Pedro’s wood-paneled walls. And on Saturday, September 29, that energy remained.

“We get a reprieve, at least,” we were told by our waitress—like many of Pedro’s famously friendly, welcoming servers, a multi-decade veteran. They were all scurrying to keep the overloaded plates of burros and stuffed quesadillas and shredded-beef Mexican pizzas and the best chicken tacos in the Valley (according to Phoenix Magazine in 2009, that is) coming to hungry diners who were, perhaps, a little solicitous after having taken this neighborhood resource for granted. On Monday they ran out of chips to go with the lovely, sweet mild salsa, but other than that, all was abundance.

“There’s a potential buyer, and it’s in process,” says general manager Patty Sandoval. “I don’t know all the details, but we’re hoping to stay open until it goes through. That’s the plan, and in my heart of hearts I think that’s what it will be. But if anything changes, I’ll post on Facebook.”

As of this writing, no such post has been made—definitely a case of no news being good news.

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