2018 Top Doctor: Yadwinder “Vinnie” Dhillon

Editorial StaffApril 1, 2018
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2018 Top Doctor: Yadwinder “Vinnie” Dhillon
2018 Top Doctor: Yadwinder “Vinnie” Dhillon

Wound Care
Med School/Year Graduated: Dayanand Medical College, India, 2004
Years in Practice: 8

Wound care is a new category in Top Docs this year. Why has it become a prominent specialty in recent years?
The growing need for specialized care for a patient population with complex medical issues is the best explanation. A successful clinic is multidisciplinary, where doctors of different backgrounds work together on a complex patient with difficult-to-heal wounds. Typically, this is achieved by looking beyond the wound.

What qualifies as a chronic wound? Is there a certain type you’re seeing a lot?
Any wound that does not reduce in size by 50 percent after four weeks is considered a chronic wound. We see a lot of diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers – which are confused with cellulitis – and autoimmune wounds. We care for many acute wounds related to trauma as well.

Are there any exciting new treatments?
The body is an amazing thing, and if given the right environment it will always heal itself, but we are finding many new products derived from sterilized human placenta tissues. The amniotic tissues are used to stimulate tissues to grow and heal wounds at a faster rate.

Your subspecialty is undersea and hyperbaric medicine. What is that? How often can you realistically practice it in a desert?
Hyperbaric medicine is an oxygen treatment given daily at high atmospheric pressure in a chamber, for oxygen-deprived tissues. Common indications include radiation injury, diabetic foot ulcer, preservation of limb or flap. We are working with Dr. Molly Walsh and seeing some amazing results on post-radiation breast reconstruction.

Have you or someone close to you experienced a chronic wound? How did that experience inform your practice?
With three rambunctious boys in flag football and basketball, we have wounds almost weekly. They are not chronic, but we have a jar of Silvadene and a glue pen on hand always.

You love hiking and spending time with your wife and sons. Do you have any go-to family-friendly hikes in Arizona?
I’m excited to take my boys to the slot canyons of West Clear Creek Canyon. It is amazing camping, hiking and fishing. The most amazing sight in Arizona is Havasupai Falls. I have been yearly for the past five years and I’m excited to go again this June. Next year, I plan on taking my older two sons.

“If I wasn’t a doctor, I’d be…
A mechanic. I love working with my hands. When I have some “me” time, I enjoy working on my cars, [and will] hopefully soon start racing them. No better way than to wrench on an amazing engine and then unleash its power on a track.


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