2018 Top Doctor: Kurt E. Heiland

Editorial StaffApril 1, 2018
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2018 Top Doctor: Kurt E. Heiland
2018 Top Doctor: Kurt E. Heiland

Med School/Year Graduated: University of Arizona,1992
Years in Practice: 11

You’re a Brophy boy! Any fond memories of cruising Central Avenue back in the day?
Of course, I made the trip down Central every day in my Volkswagen Thing. Next to my parents, my four years at Brophy did the most to shape me into the man I am today. “Men for Others” is a Jesuit motto, and I strive to be that to this day. I am very proud to be a Brophy graduate.

What attracted you to otolaryngology, otherwise known as ENT?
My specialty is the perfect mix of surgical and medical management of the head and neck. Microscopes, endoscopes, lasers and the da Vinci robot are the stuff of my childhood dreams, and I am grateful to my mentors who helped guide me into this field.

Are you seeing an increase in vertigo issues? Any new techniques in treating the inner ear?
Yes, definitely. We are diagnosing and managing the problems relating to dizziness much earlier and preventing some of the dangerous falls that the condition can cause. We have excellent treatment options for this in our office, with the best diagnosticians and equipment available along with in-house vestibular PT to help relieve the problem.

In your pediatric work, what’s the weirdest thing a kid has shoved up his or her nose?
I clearly recall a child with nasal obstruction and six months of discharge who had a small pack of Chiclets up her nasal vault. I’ve also removed plenty of beads from kindergarten art classes, and one hearing aid battery that had caused a burn.

You’ve volunteered at the St. Vincent de Paul free medical clinic for nearly 20 years. What motivates you to give of your time in this way?
My Christian faith motivates me to serve. It’s the same reason I went into medicine – to help others. The providers at St. Vincent de Paul are amazing examples for young health care professionals. The free clinic is committed to caring for those who fall between the cracks.

Like most Valley natives, you love a good hike. What are your go-to hikes in the city limits?
My family’s favorite hike is a trail across the street in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. We call it Dollar Hill. With our new dog, it’s the perfect weekend outing. If you have a full day, Brown’s Peak or Flatiron are as good as it gets.

“If I wasn’t a doctor, I’d be…”
A high school science teacher. My high school biology teacher, John Chambers, really helped spark my interest in medicine. There is no overstating the good that teachers do by inspiring their students.


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