Iss’ Magic Mixes

Gwen Ashley WaltersOctober 1, 2015
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What if your dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes? If you’re Melissa “Iss” Seil-Webb, you marshall your nutrition expertise to develop a nutrient-dense, healthy oatmeal mix, specifically one that doesn’t taste like cardboard, per Dad’s request. The story has a happy ending: Seil-Webb’s dad is off insulin and all other related medications, which she attributes in part to her healthy concoction.

What’s so “magic” about this mix? Each ingredient has healthful purpose. Whole, rolled oats slow digestion and lower cholesterol; chia seeds and ground flaxseeds are Omega-3 powerhouses; coconut palm sugar is low on the glycemic index compared to other sugars; and Celyon cinnamon (the only “true” cinnamon) is more beneficial than cassia (typical grocery store spice). In other words, the mix is chock-full of fiber, minerals, protein and heart-healthy fats, and won’t spike blood sugar levels. The mixes come in 21 flavors and are available at most Valley farmers’ markets. Because folks kept asking how to use the mixes, Seil-Webb opened The Oatmeal Cafe, tucked way in the back of a strip mall in Mesa, serving breakfast and lunch, and using the base mix in most everything, from pancakes to burgers.

Bonus: The cafe sells all the mixes. Prices vary by flavor, but a 16-serving bag of the original mix is $15. Available at Uptown Famers’ Market at Bethany Home Road and Central Avenue.

Iss’ Magic Mixes Oatmeal

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