Hayden Flour Mills Crackers

Gwen Ashley WaltersSeptember 1, 2015
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Local chefs and hardcore foodies already know Hayden Flour Mills is responsible for reviving local, ancient grains in Arizona and milling them into fresh flour. But beyond the culinary elite, the average consumer doesn’t know how special – and delicious – these grains really are. The secret will soon be out: HFM just released something more approachable than a sack of fresh-milled flour – a line of snack crackers. Now you can take these heritage amber waves of grain straight to the picnic table or to the cocktail hour.

We have orange Crocs-sporting Mario Batali, in part, to thank. “Eataly [Batali’s massive Italian grocery chain founded in New York] contacted us because they wanted us to be in their store,” says Emma Zimmerman, whose family owns HFM. Eataly wanted HFM to participate in their Slow Food Ark of Taste section, dedicated to preserving distinctive foods from extinction. Crackers seemed more practical than fresh flour. The non-GMO crackers are made from the same wheat that’s milled into fresh flours – White Sonora, Blue Beard, Red Fife and farro. Zimmerman considered flavoring the crackers with toppings but decided against it, choosing instead to highlight the taste of the grains. Find the crackers at Whole Foods and online. $6.99

Hayden Flour Mills

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