FROM OUR PARTNERSTake Charge of Your Own Health with My Lab ReQuest™

When a patient orders a lab test through Sonora Quest Laboratories, there are three outcomes that they can count on: convenience, timeliness and affordability.

With the organization’s launch of My Lab ReQuest™, a direct-to-consumer service that allows patients to order laboratory testing without a doctor’s request, the company has taken personal health management to the next level.

My Lab ReQuest has been a positive tool for patients interested in taking control of their personal health and wellness goals. A cost of $45 or less for 35 of the 52 tests offered helps make this an affordable service for consumers to manage their overall health and wellness, monitor chronic conditions and get confidential STD testing. Patients can take advantage of environmental allergy, heart health, immunity and infectious disease screenings. All tests are cash pay and consumers can use their health savings or flexible spending accounts. “Once patients receive their results from My Lab ReQuest, we encourage them to share them with their healthcare providers,” explains Christina Noble, Chief Growth Officer of Sonora Quest Laboratories. “We believe the patient provider relationship is key for the most optimal health outcomes.”

Sonora Quest Laboratories recently partnered with Beacon Biomedical to make their new test available through My Lab ReQuest. The new BeScreened™-CRC is the only colorectal screening blood test for patients age 50-85 that provides convenience, accuracy and affordability. It’s the first of its kind to be offered in Arizona.

Patients can easily order a test in English and Spanish at, or at any of their convenient locations throughout the state. Additionally, Sonora Quest has partnered with Safeway in Arizona to open Patient Service centers within select stores for even greater testing accessibility. Prices for the testing through My Lab ReQuest are clearly indicated for each test and patients can expect a test result typically between 3 to 5 business days. Results are available online through Sonora Quest’s Patient Portal, by email or post. “When we’ve asked consumers after they’ve used My Lab ReQuest if they would use us again, I can tell you 95% said they would, and that’s amazing,” emphasizes Christina Noble.

For more information on the types of tests available through My Lab ReQuest™, visit

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