Now or Never Releases New Menswear Line

Madeline NguyenNovember 15, 2023
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When retail power couple Jason Shelby and Wade Parkins opened this designer boutique during the pandemic, surviving as a local business really was a matter of now or never. But since then, Now or Never has thrived in bringing “crazy runway pieces” all the way from the world’s fashion capitals to Roosevelt Row. To commemorate the store’s success in such uncertain times, they’ve designed something simpler: a European-made, organic cotton T-shirt emblazoned with the boutique’s 2020 opening date. “That served as the grand opening party we never got to have,” Parkins says. It’s one of the centerpieces of the store’s new menswear line – a minimalist collection marked by in-your-face typography, black-and-white motifs and retro lettering referencing classic Nine Inch Nails and New Order album covers beloved by the couple growing up. “To twist these graphics and do it in a way that was our own was special to us,” Parkins says. “It was taking something old and making it new again.”

Grand Opening Tee