Local Author Trenton Coleman Releases Sequel to Successful Short Story Anthology

Leah LeMoineSeptember 21, 2023
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Still No Time for Clocks: Stories from Tipton County, Ohio (self-published, $24.99), Trenton Coleman’s follow-up to his 2005 collection of short stories, No Time for Clocks, rejoins his fictional cast of characters in his home state 20 years later. They’re a little older, a little wiser and much more reflective. The deeper rumination is no doubt a result of the Phoenix author and retired pediatric nurse’s terminal diagnosis of congestive heart failure in November 2021. Like him, his characters grapple with aging, illness and death, turning to faith and love to work through their fears and come to a place of acceptance. Coleman draws on Indigenous lore to imbue his stories with a mystical approach to the passage of time and the end of life.