Rachel Eskandari Releases Collection of Repurposed Vases

Kate DuffyMarch 17, 2023
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Rachel Eskandari of Pink Puddle Studio has moved her vibrant, botanical art style from canvases to found items with her recent collection of hand-painted, repurposed vases. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, Eskandari was inspired to celebrate nature in a new way. “Being someone who paints botanicals for a living, I wanted to incorporate it into a collection that represents Earth Day and what it means to be eco-conscious,” she says. She utilized repurposed porcelain and ceramic vases, promoting sustainable art and challenging herself to translate her skills to a new medium. Each one-of-a-kind vase ($85-$140) features a different plant theme. Her process – which took four months – involved searching for vases to repurpose, learning how best to paint on three-dimensional ceramics and experimenting with different designs. “I love learning how to incorporate my skills and style into a new medium,” Eskandari says. “I hope to create another vase collection in the future… As an artist and human being, I will continue to care for the earth and be mindful of materials I use throughout my creative process.” pinkpuddlestudio.com