WM Phoenix Open Fashion Guide

Lisa Van LooJanuary 3, 2023
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With daily crowds in excess of 215,000, the Phoenix Open is a see-and-be-seen jackpot. Find your style tribe with this guide to the season’s nattiest fairway threads.

The Deal Maker

The office is closed for the day, but this Type A golf fan isn’t interested in clocking out. The Open offers a golden opportunity to grease some wheels and schmooze some future deals – i.e. a “Let’s do lunch!” Friday afternoon – and he needs to make sure he looks approachable, polished and accomplished. It’ll be a long day of corporate tent pop-ins, catch-ups and glad-handing, but his look is ready for it.

Penny Lane of the Links 

This nocturnal creature has come for the Birds Nest and its three-night bill of top musical acts, making up for the Ticketmaster shows she missed out on. To dance and sing along with Jason Aldean, Machine Gun Kelly and The Chainsmokers, she’ll need to prioritize comfort and style, which for her won’t be too difficult. Golf? A complete afterthought. Purely a vehicle for the magic that is live music.


The Fringe Fan

He knows golf, might hit a few shots once in a while, but who’s fooling who? He’s here to hang with his friends and crush a few cold ones. Plus, everyone in Phoenix should go at least once, right? That said, he wants to be comfortable and completely himself among a sea of sportaholics and social media stars. So, he didn’t think too hard about what
to wear.

The Selfie Sister

Golden hour is just as important to her as happy hour, but at the tournament she only needs to watch the clock for the former. She’s here to look good, party with friends, take photos and share her fabulous adventures with her social media followers. Ask her to name a Tour player and she’ll generally draw a blank after Tiger Woods. But she knows exactly how to frame a pic that lets everyone know she’s VIP.


The Nelly Korda Clone

She plays golf and follows golf – both the men’s and women’s tours. She loves the crowd, loves being outdoors in gorgeous Scottsdale for the day and loves following her favorites around the course. So she’s dressed for performance – i.e. you won’t find her stumbling around the grass in stiletto heels. But she’s also managed to keep style part of the equation. 

The Celebrity Superfan

He’s a professional musician and avowed sports fan who’s played the Birds Nest and is known to walk the TPC Scottsdale taking in the action during the day. Oh, let’s just dispense with the drama: He’s hip-hop star Macklemore, famous for his No. 1 single “Can’t Hold Us” and designer of his own line of golf apparel, Bogey Boys. And what better way to market his country-club-meets-Vegas-lounge gear than by sporting it at the tournament itself? Look for him in the various VIP tents.