Gilbert Company Offers Equipment and Apparel for All Equestrian Disciplines

Sydnee WilsonSeptember 16, 2022
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When Gilbert product designer and manufacturer David Shano’s daughter, Chloe, needed stirrups for her equestrian competitions, he got to thinking. “After doing extensive research… I quickly realized that what was available was not great and didn’t address the issues many riders were experiencing,” Shano says. “Since we were already in the business of designing and manufacturing accessories for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, making the jump to equestrian products did not seem that crazy.” He created a new and improved stirrup that caught the attention of equestrian stars like Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith. American Equus now offers an array of equipment and apparel for all equestrian disciplines, from thoroughbred racing to English hunting to jumping. “Our products are literally handcrafted in our shop and allow our customers to truly create a bespoke product exactly as they wish, from custom colors to monogramming,” Shano says. “No other company allows for the breadth of options and personalization we offer.”


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