Spotlight: Kristina Guerrero

Lisa Van LooJuly 7, 2022
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Photography by Kyle Ledeboer
Photography by Kyle Ledeboer

Host with the Most 

In her Twitter bio, former E! News correspondent Kristina Guerrero describes herself as a mom first, and a TV host in her “spare time.” Before moving to Phoenix a few years ago to host the nationally syndicated lifestyle show The List, leaving behind the schedule a Hollywood career demands, she might not have been able to say that. “Now that I’m in my 40s, I’m just lucky and grateful I get to do the job I do and watch my kids grow up,” Guerrero says of her boys Mateo and Sebastian, ages 8 and 2, whom she shares with writer and producer husband Gibby Cevallos. “The 20s and 30s are for the chase and hustle. And I applaud entrepreneurs and mompreneurs, and I feel like I did that. But that hustle is exhausting. Let me just be here today, in this moment, and see what comes my way.” Now that she’s settled in, and preparing for The List’s 10th anniversary, Guerrero is reflecting on her upbringing, embracing her status as a role model, and reveling in the little, but important, moments of motherhood. 

Growing up in Washington state, you were a long way from Hollywood in a lot of ways, right?

I am a small-town girl. A small-town, brown, poor girl. My dad was in jail, my mom was on welfare, and I was able to – no matter my circumstances – get out of that with a dream, with determination, with hard work, and make my dreams come true. 

Who did you look to as a role model in the TV industry at that time? 

If you were a brunette on TV, that’s the closest I got. There really wasn’t a person who looked like me on TV. I take my role as a part of the media so personally and so seriously because I didn’t have anybody. One of the highest profile jobs at E! made me the first Latina to host and correspond at a big show like that, and bringing my culture and representation matters. Being able to front a show like The List and be the face of a show with my brown face and Latin pride brings me so much gratification, and it’s so rewarding. It’s not a responsibility I take lightly. 

You didn’t plan on staying in Phoenix. What made you fall in love with it? 

One is just how green it is for being the desert. I love that. On the flipside is the beautiful brown desert landscape. I just don’t think the desert gets the kudos [it deserves] for what a beautiful landscape it is. The sunsets and the mountains. It really surprised me, how breathtaking the scenery is. 

Now that you’ve been here for a while, where are your favorite local spots? 

What I love so much about Phoenix is all of the outdoor spaces. I love O.H.S.O. in Arcadia, with the views of the mountains and bikes and that cool vibe. Another one of the first places we went to [when we moved here] is Luci’s at the Orchard. It’s just such a cool, outdoor-vibey space that I wasn’t necessarily expecting because it’s so hot here. 

So, life is just fine now without those red-carpet interviews? 

I enjoyed the celebrities. That was super fun, and I met some amazing people. The work-life balance for The List and the city I’m doing it in allows me to be able to pick up my kids from school and be at soccer games and not work weekends. This show is the opportunity for me to blend my two favorite loves, which is obviously my children and the work I do. 


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