Best Spots in the Valley for Mystics & Merch

Editorial StaffJuly 5, 2022
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Best Witch

Gypsy Luna

Witchcraft is all the rage these days, but most of the millennial “dark arts” we’ve read about – for instance, matching floral arrangements to aura photos – seem like casting about, not casting spells. Not so with legit Valley witch Gypsy Luna, who eschews the typical trappings of modern witchdom and has a backstory of making magic that gives her credibility. 1325 Grand Ave., Phoenix, 602-699-5888,

Best Henna

Jaan Henna

Henna artist Janki Raval has been honing her craft since age 14, and it shows in her extravagant swirls, intricate patterns and romantic floral designs. Raval offers traditional mehendi for weddings and special occasions, but she also offers “casual art” for those who just admire and appreciate the artform. 703-725-1932,

Photo courtesy Jaan Henna
Photo courtesy Jaan Henna

Best Witchy Market

Witchcrafted Makers Market

Wicca is a nature-based tradition that honors the earth and its changing seasons. So, it follows that this market is held seasonally: at Ostara (spring equinox), Yule (winter solstice), etc. Mark your calendar for October 2 and make your witchy wish list for the next gathering, Hallows Eve Market, which will boast more than 75 vendors selling everything from crystals to candles. Glendale Civic Center, 5750 W. Glenn Dr., Glendale, 623-930-4300,

Best Aura Photographer

Monika George of Cosmic Hour

Aura photography is a metaphysical process in which a practitioner captures the electromagnetic energy a person exudes, interprets spiritual insights and provides a colorful keepsake portrait. Equipped with an Aura Camera 6000 and her own intuition, Monika George conducts aura photography sessions through her spiritual support business, Cosmic Hour. Clients come away with a one-of-a-kind Polaroid as well as a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Best Occult Shop

Zombi World Market

This thoughtfully curated, historically minded shop is so much more than a purveyor of oddities. Owner Jinn El-Masri draws on his own spiritual roots to create a nurturing haven for exploration of many traditions, whether you’re interested in a reading, a séance, conjuring oils or magical artifacts. 1257 E. Northern Ave., Phoenix, 85021, 602-517-4194,

Best Metaphysical Shop

Fantasia Crystals

If a trek to Sedona isn’t in the cards, Fantasia more than fits the bill. The longtime outpost for all things metaphysical wins points for variety with its diverse crystals, gifts, essential oils, community events and – big perk – its remarkably intuitive posse of readers. They don’t just feed you a line. 5108 N. Seventh St., Phoenix, 602-265-4065,

Best Tarot Reader

Keanna Cowper aka HighKey Priestess

Looking for some spiritual guidance regarding love, money, health, career or karma? Keanna Cowper can help. The Phoenix-based healer calls upon the tarot – a deck of cards that can be harnessed to provide insights on future events – to empower people to improve the circumstances in their lives. Cowper has a lighthearted approach to her work, so expect her sense of humor to shine through during a session, but don’t be deterred if she calls you out – she’s also known for her candid readings.

Keanna Cowper aka HighKey Priestess. Photo by Aaron Trujillo/LionLens
Keanna Cowper aka HighKey Priestess. Photo by Aaron Trujillo/LionLens