Parents of Addicted Loved Ones

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Parents with an adult child addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can find hope and support with Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL).

Our Mission
PAL provides hope, through education and support, to parents of addicted loved ones.

Our Vision
Make PAL meetings available to all parents of addicted loved ones.

How PAL Started
PAL was founded in 2006 by Michael Speakman, LISAC, while working as a substance abuse counselor in Arizona. As the number of meetings grew due to increasing demand, volunteer facilitators were trained and new groups opened across the Phoenix metro area.

PAL’s rapid growth led to Speakman asking a group of 12 parents to form a volunteer board of directors, and in February 2015 PAL was incorporated as a Christian-run non-profit 501(c)(3).

Kim Humphrey was hired as Executive Director of the young organization in March 2018, the first full-time staff member. The organization continued to grow rapidly, expanding across the U.S. as a formalized online training program was developed, and more staff members added to support the increasing number of volunteer facilitators. PAL meetings are open to all, regardless of faith or background, reflecting the organization’s primary goal of providing hope through education and support for parents of loved ones dealing with substance use disorder.

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones

Information: (480) 300-4712

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