Scottsdale’s Quasar Quantum Youth Fund Benefits At-Risk Kids

Haley SmilowMarch 16, 2022
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Studies have shown holistic health practices like yoga, mindfulness and meditation benefit children and teens as much as they do adults. Yet all too often, opportunities to learn these tools seem out of reach for kids from disadvantaged homes. Monica Samuels wants to change that. The founder of whole-body wellness facility Quasar Quantum Healing in Scottsdale has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona to help at-risk kids experiencing anxiety, depression, substance-abuse issues, PTSD and more. “I’ve been volunteering with them for years,” Samuels says. “I know what they do for kids, and I just love what they do.” Quasar Quantum Healing offers full and partial scholarships through its Quasar Quantum Youth Fund nonprofit so youths ages 10-18 can have access to yoga, nutritional education, salt therapy and innovative, non-invasive technologies like a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber and the Quantum Foot Detox, which uses data to send signals to the body to encourage healing. “My family went through a lot [of our own mental health struggles], and we have gone through the treatments,” Samuels says. “You have to keep an open mind, be persistent and move forward to see results… We teach classes to tell them they are worth it and that they will be able to go where they want to go in life.”