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Matthew JohnsonNovember 15, 2021
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People the world over desire the secrets of the future. A predictive peek into one’s future is so highly valued as to be included in legendary stories as far back as Homer’s The Odyssey in the 8th Century BCE. But if you do not have decades to spend traveling the world searching for divine insight, tarot readings are one such way to attain a look into what’s to come.

Finding the right tarot card reader is of the utmost importance. Whichever service you choose, a tarot reader will be prepared to shine a light on the connectivity between the inner self and mystical insights into the world, the self, and even the future.

Our Top 3 Tarot Reading Services:

How Did We Choose Our Top 3?

Our team created a review framework called ECPT to develop recommendations that are as impartial as possible. The ECPT Framework consists of four parts: 

  • Experts – industry experts’ reviews and commentary are taken heavily into account due to the depth of their experience and the informed perspectives with which their opinions are formed. The ECPT Framework uses a cross-section of expert viewpoints to ensure accountability.
  • Consumers – reviews by customers are highly valued, as they bolster brand credibility and contain real-world examples of products and their use cases. Social media and publicly available reviews are considered as part of the ECPT Framework.
  • Product – the framework also assigns value to the alignment of product descriptions to the final product delivered to the consumer. 
  • Testing – in order to ensure a unique perspective, each review also includes testing by our own team.

Online Tarot Reading Brand Reviews

1. Kasamba – Most Digitally Accessible

Kasamba is our choice for the most digitally accessible online tarot reading service with its innovative website capabilities.
Kasamba is our choice for the most digitally accessible online tarot reading service with its innovative website capabilities.


  • 20-year track record, well-executed live chat
  • Rooted in history and tradition
  • Strong digital accessibility
  • Rating system
  • Three minute free tarot reading, 15% discount 


  • Services available online or via phone or mobile app only means there’s no brick-and-mortar location to visit. If it is important to you to sit face-to-face with your reader, consider another service.

Track Record & Live Chat

For 20 years, Kasamba’s professional readers have guided more than four million people along their various paths. Kasamba’s service offers top-rated tarot card readers in a wide variety of specialties, all available on-demand via the tech-forward Kasamba website. There you can connect with a reader in moments and have a live chat via video and chat. It’s the closest thing to an in-person reading we’ve found, and it truly adds to the experience.

Rooted in History and Tradition

Many of Kasamba’s tarot readers use the Rider-Waite tarot cards deck. In 1909, publisher William Rider and tarot reader A. E. Waite collaborated to create the 78-card deck used in most tarot readings today. Tarot readings using the Rider-Waite deck may involve familiarity with some of the imagery, as illustrator Pamela Colman Smith’s designs combine traditional, mystical, spiritual, and cultural elements that still resonate in the present day.

Mysterious as they are, tarot cards meld the universal and traditional with the personal and intimate. Kasamba’s tarot readers are deeply rooted in the mystical and spiritual and, more importantly, experts at helping the uninitiated tap into this perspective for insights. A Kasamba reader will not only guide your reading and the conversation but help you to understand the often unclear outcomes. 

The practice of tarot depends mainly on the openness of the seeker to tap into other planes. Kasamba tarot readers are proficient at helping connect an understanding of the physical world we live in with the mystical world beyond our view. They have spent decades honing this vision and its interpretation. And they have spent as much time fine-tuning various ways of translating this vision into words and insights so they can be applied to your unique life.

Digitally Accessible

Since a critical aspect of tarot revolves around being in touch with the self, comfort and right-mindedness are essential elements of the experience and add to its effectiveness. Removing distractions and hindrances is key to attaining insight, and Kasamba’s online accessibility means you can seek understanding when the time is right for you. Kasamba even offers an app for those with a lot on their plates. 

Rating System

We also loved Kasamba’s rating system. Customers have up to 30 days following a session to submit a rating, and a dedicated Quality Assurance Team manages all ratings. This team ensures the feedback is legitimate and that it comes from a qualifying service. 

Three Free Minutes

One of our review team’s favorite parts about Kasamba’s service is that Kasamba’s “Best Match Guarantee” means your first three minutes with a psychic are free. We love how friendly that practice is for those who are perhaps newer to tarot and readings in general. A few key introductory moments of a free tarot reading with a psychic can help ascertain whether the reader feels like a good fit. And with a 15 percent discount for new users and more than four million 5-star reviews, you are not likely to go wrong.

Tarot sessions by Kasamba’s readers are immersive, personal experiences. With the reader as your guide, the tarot will reveal insights into the spiritual and mystical elements influencing your life. 

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2. Keen – Most Personalized

The ability to customize Keen's website is a major plus and is why Keen is our pick for Most Personalized online tarot reader service.
The ability to customize Keen's website is a major plus and is why Keen is our pick for Most Personalized online tarot reader service.


  • Personalized website experience
  • Strong mobile app
  • Three minutes free 
  • Excellent content: articles and videos
  • Impressive privacy standards  


  • Refunds only issued in Keen dollars

Personalized Website Experience

Keen’s website is quickly becoming the benchmark for modern psychic search services. The experience of an online tarot card reading is intuitive, with a slick interface design and ample tools at the user’s disposal. Moments after registering an account, your actions on the site begin aggregating to create a dashboard personalized with your preferences and choices. 

Subsequent visits benefit from this smart design by putting the best things at your fingertips right away. The seeker is greeted with a quick-access view of: 

  • Favorited advisors
  • Direct access to online readers in a matter of clicks
  • Recommended psychics based on previous actions
  • Suggested reading reflective of your browsing habits on the site

This smart website design makes for the effective organization of information on each page and increases user experience efficiencies.

Strong Mobile App

Keen’s excellence in user experience extends to their mobile app. Chock full of the same features as the website, it is designed with on-the-go use in mind, and it shows. Slick, lightweight, and feature-heavy, the Keen app is everything our review team needed it to be and more. 

Three Minutes Free

We love that Keen also offers the first three minutes free with your chosen psychic, so you have the chance to get a feel for the vibe. A running theme throughout these reviews is the importance of the connection between seeker and reader. Worry-free time with a free tarot reading for the establishment of new relationships in such a sensitive context is key. 

Quality Content

Our review team was blown away by the quality of Keen’s website content. Articles span every psychic interest area and have incredible depth. The team at Keen clearly knows its area of expertise, and their willingness to share such a deep well of informative content says a lot about the open mindset behind the Keen brand. The wealth of information about tarot alone is impressive, including more than 300 articles specific to tarot and tarot cards. The site also keeps you engaged by offering fun additions like the “Pick a card!” instant tarot reading and a comprehensive horoscope section.


While privacy is an oft-overlooked area of consideration, we are also big fans of Keen’s privacy practices. Keen ensures customer privacy by serving as the mediator between seeker and reader. This keeps all personal information safely behind Keen’s top-of-the-line encryption practices and ensures no personal information is shared or stored beyond its intended use. Keen’s policy on using your personal information is also top-notch. Their privacy policy clearly states that no personal info is shared with third parties. We like that a reading through Keen doesn’t mean we are signing up for a bunch of mailing lists.

With more than 35 million readings since 1999, Keen’s network of psychic readers are experts at guidance and pathfinding.

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3. Mysticsense – Most Flexible

Offering the most initial free time to new users across various convenient access points, Mysticsense is our review team's pick for Most Flexible.
Offering the most initial free time to new users across various convenient access points, Mysticsense is our review team's pick for Most Flexible.


  • Flexible access options 
  • Five minutes free
  • Versatile reader search tool
  • Published staff policies 


  • With “only” ten years of existence, Mysticsense is not quite as old as the other two on our list

Flexible Access Options

Mysticsense’s online tarot reading services are flexible both in available access channels and in session length. 

Our team loved the wealth of options available to those seeking a tarot reading, including: 

  • Phone Call
  • Video Call
  • Web Chat 
  • Text Message Chat 

Every option is incorporated into the Mysticsense website’s intelligent design and comprehensive account system. This system allows seekers to quickly and easily initiate a reading in any of the forms offered. It truly is an innovative platform!

Mysticsense also set itself apart with the flexibility of its session lengths. Rather than requiring minimums and forcing round numbers, the Mysticsense systems let users call the shots. By signing into your account, you can manage the funds you add to the system and use them as you see fit. Have to call a session short? No problem. The system tracks the minutes for you and doesn’t “round up” or charge for unused time. Feeling like your session is on the verge of a breakthrough? Keep it going as long as you and your reader would like. The Mysticsense system is built for excellent (and very human!) flexibility. 

Five Minutes Free

One of the most important aspects of a reading is the seeker’s connection to the tarot card reader. We loved that Mysticsense stood above the competition in terms of free minutes given to new users. At five full minutes for free, seekers get a significant chunk of time to feel the vibe of a reader. 

The Mysticsense billing system makes access to this free five minutes simple and painless as well. Unlike “free” services that take your money immediately but refund it over a matter of multiple business days, this system applies the refund right away. Our team’s favorite part about this is that you don’t have to do anything at all to get a refund. It is applied automatically and immediately. That’s just good business that gave our review team the warm and fuzzies.

Reader Search Tool

Nearly every database has a search function, but Mysticsense takes things to the next level. Filter search options abound, including searches by: 

  • Online status
  • Top ratings
  • Alphabetical 
  • Price 
  • Reading specialty
  • Tools 
  • Reading style 

Many of these options speak for themselves, but the system truly shines when you consider the depth of some of the filters listed above. There are more than 15 reading specialty options alone. These options include classics like Career and Money and Finding New Love and more specific parameters like LGBTQ Relationships, Lost Objects, and Pet Psychics. 

The Mysticsense search also includes various tools that refine the list of potential psychics for your consideration. These tools include tarot, of course, and also options as varied as Past Lives Interpretations, Pendulum/Dowsing, and Dream Interpretations.

The versatility of the Mysticsense search tool is incredible. 

Published Staff Policies

Our team was impressed by Mysticsense’s stringent staff policies and the site’s willingness to publish these policies freely. A review of the House Rules published in Mysticsense’s support section revealed a variety of policies very clearly designed to protect the user-seeker, including: 

  • Limits on rate increase frequency 
  • Caps on rate increase percentages
  • Limits on rate changes per minute
  • Limits on rate changes between sessions 

The policies also included strict and significant punishments for a variety of practices that we, as consumers, very much wish to avoid, such as:

  • No impersonation or representation of reading as someone else
  • No reading for anyone under the age of 18
  • No discrimination
  • No medical diagnoses
  • No legal predictions

The policies end with a stalwart declaration, encouraging their reader staff to remain forthcoming: “we require honesty in all matters.” It’s refreshing to see a company stand up for the customer so vehemently, especially within documentation aimed at their partners.

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What is tarot card reading and how does it work? 

Tarot card readings use a deck of cards and various ways of drawing and arranging them in order to facilitate a connection between those seeking insight and the paths to find it. Tarot is a form of cartomancy, which refers to divination via card-based practices. 

But before you think the cards are the key, consider this: the insights you seek are actually contained with you, yourself! 

Much as the reader is the guide, the cards are the tool. Together, they help you find the path to enlightenment. The idea of “enlightenment” may sound hefty and unattainable at face value, but tarot joins the seeker to the path so they can move forward into the unknown together. 

Tarot Card Reading Elements

A tarot card reading involves the reader, the seeker, the deck, and a question or area of interest. As the seeker maintains focus on the question they have in mind, the reader probes gently with questions and conversation to clarify the focus and get at the core of the seeker’s need. The reader then draws cards from the tarot deck and arranges them on a surface in order to illustrate and meditate on their connections. Reader and seeker both observe the cards drawn and the reader guides the seeker to understand both the card meanings and the significance of the order in which they are arranged. 

There are more than 1,600 tarot card decks in practice, from the Marseilles Tarot in 1751 to modern-day iterations. Decks span both pagan and Christianized versions and are often as varied as the readers. Is one “better” than the other? Not in the least. Every tarot deck has the potential to help the seeker connect with truths that are hidden from them. The one you use should be the one that speaks to you or the one your preferred guide is most comfortable with for your reading. 

The most important thing to remember is that tarot cards are the conversation starter. It is through the guided self-exploration of the cards and communication with your reader that can lead you to answers. 

What can online tarot card reading help me with?

The great news is that tarot card readings can help you with any part of your life into which you seek insight! A professional reader uses the cards in order to predict potential outcomes for your life. That means you can seek clarity on any part of your life, knowing that the cards will help uncover the mystical. Tarot readings also take into account influences connected to you, the situation you are seeking insight into, as well as the interconnectivity of them both.

Benefits of Online Tarot Readings

    • Anonymity: Seeking a tarot card reading online offers a variety of excellent benefits. Chief among these benefits is the notion of anonymity. In-person, reader and seeker are face to face, and one must look the other in the eye. Online tarot card readings allow you to breathe within your own space and open your mind in comfort and safety. Online, no one knows who you are, even your reader. For many, the strength of working with online tarot card readers is they can explore areas of their lives they may not be comfortable sharing in person. 
    • Peace of mind: Beyond the hope of good things to come, for many, a glimpse into the future means reduced anxiety and calmed nerves. As human beings subject to the seeming whimsy of the universe, the uncertainty of the future has wondrous and far-reaching effects on us. Some find solace in uncovering hidden meanings, and tarot is an excellent avenue to travel searching for them.
    • Balance: It is human to seek answers to the big things: will I be rich? Will I be happy? Will I fall in love? One of the best parts about tarot is that it reminds you to look for the things you seek in places you wouldn’t expect them to be. There is a re-centering and a balance achieved through tarot that allows you to fully appreciate the excitement of potential.

Your psychic readings advisor will help you uncover the threads tying disparate parts of your life together. You may find that these threads are a hindrance to clear away. You may also find that they can become strengths when wielded with care. Wherever your journey will take you, the road to answers begins with a single step.

Tips for choosing a psychic

From personal connection to the fundamentals of the craft to the literal cost of engagement, there are various considerations to weigh when choosing a tarot card reader. Here we outline some of the most common ways that seekers choose their reader. But remember that this choice is ultimately a very personal process. Much as a reader guides you to the path of answers, let this list guide you to the decision that works best for you.

    • Intuition: Among the running themes in this article is that of self-reflection. This theme also applies to choosing a psychic. Your intuition is one of the strongest indicators of how you gel with a potential reader. After all, your chosen reader’s effectiveness relies on your ability to open your mind. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure you feel as much comfort and alignment with your reader as possible. 
    • Reviews: Beyond the “touchy-feely,” it is often helpful to check a potential reader’s reviews and customer comments. This is why such reviews are taken into account in the ECPT Framework our team developed to evaluate tarot reading services. In the details of previous clients’ reviews, you will find honest info on everything from communication patterns to effectiveness of predictions to descriptions of the reader’s style. Then again, you are already moving in the right direction by reading this article!
    • Price: Everyone has a budget. Think about how much you value the guidance and pathfinding you may find in this process and consider some relative numbers to budget for the experience. Consider also that you may find a connection with your reader and wish to continue sessions in the future. Take their rates into account when choosing the frequency with which you will return to attain the highest value for your dollar. In the end: do what’s right for your pocketbook and try to use the rest of the guidance here to consider your potential reader carefully. 
    • The Little Things: Do not be afraid to think purposefully about the type of person you would feel most comfortable with for a tarot reading. This process is innately about you, so things like your reader’s gender, location, and even specifics like background noises, video presentation styles, and (once you have more experience) their preferred card layouts and spreads. 

In an experience as deeply personal and intimate as a tarot reading, it is vital to find the reader with whom you feel the best connection. 

How to prepare for a tarot card reading?

There’s no reason not to try a tarot reading right away! But if you’re the planning type or want to maximize the tarot experience, the following can only serve to improve the reading further:


Seekers come to tarot readers for answers and guidance along the path to clarity. On such a path, nothing is more important than inner sincerity. A seeker has the best opportunity for success when they are genuine about the reasons they seek a reading and what they hope to achieve as a result. Challenge your perception by asking yourself tough questions about what you want. You may just find a few rays of light to bring to your tarot reading, which will only serve to illuminate the path even more brightly.


Preparation of mindset is as essential to a quality tarot reading as anything else. The optimal frame of mind is open, inquisitive, and reflective. An open mind is ready to receive the unique, unusual, or uncommon. A curious mind ensures you’re not simply there to receive only, but to probe, question, and seek answers. A reflective mind brings additional energy to the process, having meditated on the questions the tarot reading aims to answer. 

A clear, open mind is the best way to soak up as many aspects of the tarot experience as possible. 


It is always helpful to spend some mental time before your tarot reading on the questions you would like your reader to guide you through. The tarot reading process draws from your inner focus and energy along with that of your reader. The greater the focus, the greater the value you will find from your reading. Your tarot reader will be able to hone the flow of the session with greater mastery if your focus is aligned. 

The best way to achieve focus on your question is to clear your mind and remove distractions so you can zero in on the heart of the issues at hand. The closer you are to the center, the greater fulfillment you will find in a tarot reading. 


Do your research on the aspects of the tarot experience that matter most to you. Is it price? Look into readers and their rates and compare with a savvy eye. If experience stands out to you, sort readers by the length of their time reading tarot. Remember that you are encouraged to be picky. This is an incredibly personal experience, and you can help the stars align by making as informed a decision as possible. 


When did tarot card reading begin? 

Though its roots are suspected to reach as far back in history as the 14th century, the reading of cards for the purpose of divining answers came into fashion in the late 18th century. At this time, Jean-Baptise Alliette published a guide to tarot reading and a deck of cards to go with it. The meaning associated with the cards drew heavily from the contemporary understanding of astronomy and the four elements. Alliette also claimed to draw from ancient Egyptian texts. 

Much of Alliette’s system is still in use today, including aspects of tarot reading such as: 

  • a specific order to the cards
  • spreads that derive meaning between cards and according to their positions
  • and both forward and backward meanings, depending upon how the cards were drawn and placed.

Will a tarot session help me make decisions?

Many advise against this thinking. Tarot reading is a guide to make decisions yourself, not tools for definitive decision making on their own. This is one of the reasons that an open mind is so imperative to a successful tarot reading. 

According to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, “the most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.”


After diligent review of each online psychic readings and tarot reader service, we feel confident in recommending Kasamba, Keen, and Mysticsense. Each has proven itself worthy of being the sherpa along your path to insight. Now it’s up to you to take the first step!

As in all things mystical, the lengths to which tarot can help a person depend on their willingness to open themselves to the energy and mindfulness required for introspection. That’s right! Tarot is about looking inward, not finding external answers. 

Often derided as mere “fortune-telling,” critics of tarot forget that tarot is often referred to as a “mirror.” Tarot helps you find answers by plumbing the seeker’s inner depths for hidden truths and bringing them to light through experienced tarot card readers. It is the tarot reader’s job not only to handle the tarot cards themselves but to serve as the living path between the seeker and enlightenment. 


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