Fashion: Laura Maureen Designs

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In 2019, jewelry designer Laura Reed kept coming across antique aluminum trays during her regular vintage-hunting ventures. “I had no idea what to do with them because there are only so many you can use and collect, so I started cutting shapes out of them to make them into necklaces,” says the Mesa-based maker. Reed was equally inspired by the composition of contemporary statement earrings and decided to combine that with the unique colors and designs of the tins. “I love the mix of old and new,” she says. The result: Trendy earrings with a vintage twist. Reed started making her upcycled tin earrings during quarantine to “spread a little love and light” to her friends. “I still design with those friends in mind and hope that the women wearing my earrings feel happy and beautiful in them,” she says. “I love taking these beautiful vintage pieces with a past life, story and function and turning them into something completely different with new purpose, ready for a new story.”

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