Beauty and Propaganda: New Salon Opens in Scottsdale

Leah LeMoineMarch 4, 2021
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Zuleika and Karla Zaragoza by Michael Franco

We could all use a little pampering after the last year. If your self-care plans involve multiple salon visits, you can streamline your routine with a visit to Beauty and Propagandaa “lifestyle salon” that opened in the Grove on Hayden shopping center in Scottsdale in February. 

Beauty and Propaganda is the brainchild of Zuleika and Karla Zaragoza, sisters from El Paso, Texas, who experienced culture shock after relocating to Scottsdale. The salon grew from their desire to offer services and an atmosphere that celebrates diversity and beauty in every client, from every culture, rather than whitewashed beauty ideals. “Every single day we’re told what we’re supposed to look like,” Zuleika Zaragoza says. “But we believe beauty is not a shape, size or color.” The salon offers a membership program (starting at $80/month, with credits toward/discounts on services in addition to other perks) and myriad services, from manicures and pedicures to blowouts and eyelash extensions. 

We caught up with Zuleika Zaragoza to talk about starting a new business during a global pandemic and approaching the beauty industry in new ways. 

How has business been since your grand opening in February? Has anything surprised you? How are you liking your location?
The business has been so extremely fun. We were both used to working behind a computer, so the best part about it has been seeing our vision come to life and meeting all of our customers. We are surprised at how much support and love we have received. Even though it was always in the back of our minds how we would do opening with COVID, things so far have been better than expected. I think people just need a reason to feel good, and enjoy coming to a place where they feel pampered. We are all about great service and cleanliness, and take all the preventative precautions. We’rloving our location. We are located right next to Lucis at the Grove, and we have the most beautiful natural sunlight and patio that adds character to our salon.  

Can you talk a bit about what makes Beauty and Propaganda different from other salons?
Beauty and Propaganda is different from other salons, not only because we strived to make a boutique feel of a onestop shop where we offer nails, blowouts, makeup, lashes and spray tanning, but also our niche is getting services done in one sitting, such as nails and blowouts at the same time or lashes and nails at the same time. Besides our services, our competitive edge for the salon is growing a strong beauty community of women who highlight what they like about themselves rather than focusing on their flaws. We truly believe beauty is not a shape, size, color or age!  

You have a membership program, with members enjoying certain perks. Can non-members also book services?
Absolutely! Nonmembers can come in for any of our services. Our membership program is simply made to save money! Its $80 a month, and that money goes toward any of your services – excluding makeup and addons. For example, with $80 a month, you would be able to get a gel manicure and a blowout. Any other services after that are 10 percent off and you get 10 percent off product and a free service not exceeding $45 on your birthday.  

Your philosophy of highlighting clients favorite features instead of camouflaging their flaws is a refreshing one in the beauty industry. Can you talk a little about that? How does it change the experience for clients – and for artists/technicians? What feedback have you received from your team and clients?
We believe that the beauty industry has really focused on making women feel like they are not enough and has capitalized off of those ideas. We believe beauty is subjective and there is beauty in everyone. We want to build a community of strong women where we highlight things we like about ourselves. The smallest changes in skincare, hair and makeup can be such gamechangers, and that is what Beauty and Propaganda is here for – to teach our clients those small changes and to make them feel much better about themselves. We think our clients have no idea whats in store [for them]. A little hint is we will be starting classes to learn how to keep up with some of these trends!  

What else would you like readers to know?
We truly built this place out of love, and we hand-picked such a killer team so every single time you come to us, you will have an amazing experience. Our biggest goal is that we can make an emphasis [on individual beauty], with people feeling beautiful in their own skin.   

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